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David Stepanyan

MP: It is important for Armenia to avoid unnecessary movements in the  US-Iran conflict

MP: It is important for Armenia to avoid unnecessary movements in the  US-Iran conflict

ArmInfo. It is very important for Armenia to avoid unnecessary movements in the conflict between the USA and Iran. Member of Standing Committee on Foreign Relations from the "My Step" faction Mikayel Zolyan expressed a similar opinion to  ArmInfo.

"In this light, I do not see in a positive light the attempts of many  representatives of our society to take sides in this confrontation. 

This indicates the absence of Armenian-centric thinking in Armenian  society.  Our citizens are still following others agendas. These  agendas are not good and not bad "They're just not ours. Accordingly,  we simply shouldn't be guided by them," he said.

In this context, Zolyan assesses the official reaction of Yerevan to  the processes around Iran as very adequate. The parliamentarian is  convinced that there is no alternative to neutrality for Armenia,  given that Iran is friendly, a neighbor, and the United States is a  very important, also friendly country. Moreover, in both countries  there are large Armenian communities.

In this light, the parliamentarian is convinced of the complete  absence of even a choice for Armenia. The only choice for the  country's leadership, in his opinion, is the promotion of a peaceful  agenda. Zolyan believes that such a position of Armenia will find  understanding not only among the international community, but also  among the parties to the confrontation.

Commenting on the possibility of a flow of refugees from Iran in  Armenia in the event of a deepening confrontation with the United  States, Zolyan assessed it as low. At the same time, according to his  estimates, in any case, Armenia needs to be prepared for any  scenarios, including possible migration flows.

"Of course, this will be a challenge for us, respectively, we must be  ready for it. Our relevant bodies should be prepared for all possible  scenarios for the development of the situation. Given the close ties  between Armenia and Iranian Armenians, many of our compatriots may  express a desire to repatriate, regardless of situation in Iran. And  we should always be ready to accept any group of Armenians from  anywhere in the world, regardless of the circumstances and reasons  for their return, "the parliamentarian summed up.

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