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David Stepanyan

Forecast: The US administration may move towards the recognition of  the Armenian Genocide

Forecast: The US administration may move towards the recognition of  the Armenian Genocide

ArmInfo.Given the extreme level of tension in US-Turkish relations, the steps of the US executive are not excluded in the direction of deepening of the  process of recognition of the Armenian Genocide . MP of the National  Assembly of Armenia from the "My Step" bloc Mikayel Zolyan expressed  a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

"Here it is necessary to take into account that if the tendency  continued for years, when the administration opposed any resolutions  condemning the Genocide in the Congress, Republican senators would  definitely not vote in favor of Resolution No. 150. Thus, now we can  state a certain coordination of the executive and legislative powers  of the USA in this matter, "he stressed.

On December 12, the US Senate unanimously adopted Resolution No. 150,  which denies the non- recognition of the Armenian Genocide. The  document is also evidence of recognition and memory of this crime by  the US government, and also promotes educational programs on this  topic in order to avoid the recurrence of such atrocities  now.  To  note, the resolution was adopted on the fourth attempt. Prior to  this, the initiative of the representative of the Democrats, Senator  Robert Menendez, was blocked by Senate colleagues from the Republican  Party three times. Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator David Purdue and  Senator Kevin Kramer.

Assessing Resolution No.150 as an additional positive signal to the  developing relations between Yerevan and Washington, the  parliamentarian does not consider this document in the context of  potential geopolitical rearrangements. In his opinion, even the most  difficult relations between Turkey and the United States do not  imply, for example, the expulsion of Turkey from NATO. In this light,  Zolyan views the resolution adopted by the US senators as a tribute  to the restoration of historical justice.

According to him, the conflict between Washington and Ankara,  generally speaking, has practically nothing to do with Armenia. And  the United States and Turkey continue to be allies. In this light, in  the opinion of the parliamentarian, Yerevan should continue the line  aimed at establishing diplomatic relations with Ankara without  preconditions. First of all, given the fact that the recognition of  the Armenian Genocide has long gone beyond the framework of the  Armenian-Turkish relations and has long been both a global and a  purely internal problem of Turkey 

On October 29, the US House of Representatives passed a majority vote  of 405 votes in favor, 11 against, and adopted Resolution 296, which  describes the mass killings of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey and the  Turkish Republic as Genocide. Then, with the filing of a senior  Democrat in the Foreign Affairs Committee, Robert Menendez and  Congressman Ted Cruise, a similar resolution was submitted to the  Senate.  The Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey is the first  large-scale international crime in the history of mankind committed  to kill an entire nation for political and ethnic reasons. The  deliberate actions of the Turkish government are reflected in  indisputable facts, confirmed by irrefutable documents and evidence  from a variety of sources. The number of countries recognizing the  fact of the Armenian Genocide is approaching 30. In addition, the  Genocide is recognized by individual entities in several countries,  including 49 of the 50 US states. 


...конфликт между Вашингтоном и Анкарой, по большому счету, отношения к Армении практически не имеет.... Вот именно, но в случае, если армянская сторона не придаст этому особого значения. Разве недостаточно было взять поучение от событий, последовавших после подписания 10-го августа 1920-го года Севрского мирного договора. Воодушевление дашнакского правительства, представившего перспективу для Армении, распростертой от моря и до моря, быстро прошло после последовавшей навязанной войны с кемалистами и большевистской решимостью все решать с классовых позиций.

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