Friday, December 13 2019 17:21
David Stepanyan

Andranik Mihranyan: Moscow has a very poor idea of what is happening  in Armenia

Andranik Mihranyan: Moscow has a very poor idea of what is happening  in Armenia

ArmInfo.The Russian authorities have a very poor idea of what is happening in Armenia, in which direction the country is moving, and what internal processes  contribute to this. Political analyst Andranik Migranyan expressed  such an opinion, speaking at the 3rd meeting of the Russian-Armenian  "Lazarev Club" on the theme "Armenian-Russian dialogue in modern  socio-political processes. The media of Armenia and Russia. Frank  conversation".

"One of the indicators of this situation is the absence of Armenia in  the Russian media. In my opinion, Armenia is a strategic ally of  Russia, the CSTO and EAEU, however it is represented in the Russian  information space at the level of Burkina Faso. Meanwhile, in the  past the situation was quire different, "he said.

According to the observations of the Russian political scientist,  such an insufficient representation of Armenia in the Russian  information field is caused by extremely cautious attitude of the  Russian authorities in relation to colleagues from Armenia. According  to his estimates, Moscow not only does not understand what is  happening in Yerevan, but doesn't even want to see the coverage of  these topics in the analytical and information programs of Russian  TV.

"The anniversary of the revolution in Armenia was not covered at all  by Russian TV. Moreover, I don't think that the events occurred in  Armenia last spring are a revolution. This is a separate topic for  discussion. I personally invited the relevant authorities in Moscow  to shoot a TV report on the anniversary of the change of power in  Armenia, but my proposals were never approved. Therefore, two years  after my last visit to Armenia today I'm here to understand what's  happening, "Mihranyan summed up.


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