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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Yerevan refutes Mammadyarov: To date, negotiations on the settlement  of the Karabakh conflict are not conducted around any document

Yerevan refutes Mammadyarov: To date, negotiations on the settlement  of the Karabakh conflict are not conducted around any document

ArmInfo. To date, negotiations to resolve the Nagorno- Karabakh conflict are not  conducted around any document. This was announced on December 12  during a briefing in Yerevan by the official representative of the  Armenian Foreign Ministry, Anna Naghdalyan, referring to the  statement by the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan,  Elmar Mammadyarov, that negotiations are underway around the  "Lavrov's plan".

Representative of the Armenian Foreign Ministry to clarify what  Yerevan's position on resolving the conflict recalled, Armenia  repeatedly presented its position on this issue, and the last time  was quite informative by the Armenian Foreign Minister Zohrab  Mnatsakanyan during his speech at the OSCE Ministerial Council. She  recalled that one of the priority principles of Yerevan is the right  of the people of Artsakh to self-determination and ensuring the  security of Nagorno-Karabakh.

At the same time, Naghdalyan stated that the policy of Armenaphobia  pursued by the Azerbaijani authorities over the past 30 years has  proved that it cannot guarantee the security of the Armenian  population. In this context, she recalled that Armenia is the only  guarantor of Artsakh's security, and cannot back down from its  mission, leaving the people of Nagorno-Karabakh facing a real threat  to their existence.


Touching upon Mammadyarov's statements that the wording of the  Armenian side "on security" requires further clarification, the  Armenian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman stated that Baku either didn't  really understand or pretend that  didn't understand what was being  said. "I am deeply convinced that Azerbaijan is well aware of what we  mean by this formulation, but do not want to accept this fact. But in  this connection I would like to emphasize once again that in the  cases of Armenia and Artsakh the language of threats will not work in  the negotiations. And the main reason the unresolved Karabakh  conflict is Azerbaijan's maximalist position, which does not help  advance negotiations, "Naghdalyan said.  Meanwhile, to clarify  whether the next meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and  Azerbaijan will take place in January next year, as Mammadyarov had  said, the press secretary of the Armenian Foreign Ministry emphasized  that, as noted by the Armenian Foreign Ministry and the Minsk  mediators, an agreement was reached on the outcome of the Bratislava  meeting Hold the next meeting in early 2020. In this regard, she  emphasized that following the tradition, the exact date will be  announced when all the details of the meeting will be worked out.  It  should be noted that yesterday Mammadyarov said that during the  negotiations from the Armenian side various documents appeared, the  last of which is the "Lavrov's Plan". is the result  of intense discussions some two years ago in Moscow. But it is still  based on the Madrid principles. There is a statement by the co-chairs  of the OSCE Minsk Group on March 9, 2019, which just defines the  vision of mediators to move forward in the negotiations. The essence  is very simple - phasing. At the first stage, the withdrawal of  troops, the return of the Azerbaijani population, ensuring security,  establishing communications. Therefore, our proposal to the Armenian  side can be described as "a peace with the prospects of  prosperity''," the minister said.

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