Thursday, December 12 2019 18:01
David Stepanyan

Forecast: wiretapping of citizens of Armenia by the police will be  used in politics

Forecast: wiretapping of citizens of Armenia by the police will be  used in politics

ArmInfo. The wiretapping of Armenian citizens by the Police will be used in domestic politics and for political purposes. A similar opinion was expressed by ArmInfo  chairman of the Helsinki Committee of Armenia, human rights activist  Avetik Ishkhanyan.

"If the bill, providing for the right for the police to independently  listen to citizens' telephone conversations, is nevertheless passed,  this threatens the total surveillance of the state for all of us. In  this light, I consider this decision as an invasion of the personal  space of every Armenian citizen with the aim of practically  monitoring over all his steps, "he stressed.

On December 11, the National Assembly of Armenia adopted in the first  reading amendments to the law "On operational-search activity". The  bill provides for the Police to independently listen to suspects'  telephone conversations. Note that before the adoption of this law,  police apply to obtain relevant information from the NSS.

According to the human rights activist, in the case of the adoption  of this bill, any citizen objectionable to the authorities will have  to completely abandon telephone calls in order to prevent  interference in their personal space. According to his estimates,  such a prospect is nothing but a gross violation of democracy and  human rights in Armenia.

"I am particularly concerned about the practical application of such  opportunities in our country, which is still very far from a  democratic legal state. The effectiveness of crime detection and the  work of our policemen as a whole is necessary and possible to provide  them with training in appropriate skills adopted in civilized  countries. And not through giving the police the right to listen to  anyone whenever they want, "the human rights activist summed up.

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