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David Stepanyan

Human rights activist: Serzh Sargsyan`s accusation in the framework  of the "diesel case" is just the beginning

Human rights activist: Serzh Sargsyan`s accusation in the framework  of the "diesel case" is just the beginning

ArmInfo.Serzh Sargsyan's accusation of "diesel business" is only the beginning. Other  accusations are likely to follow this one, the chairman of the  club of journalists Levon Barseghyan expressed a similar  opinion to ArmInfo.

"Honestly, I expected a similar outcome. Although, I rather expected  that Sargsyan would be charged with his active participation in the  crimes of March 1, 2008. However, I have some bias towards some  officers of the NSS and the Special Investigation Service as to  people who unquestioningly served Serzh Sargsyan in their time, "he  said.

In this light, in the absence of lustration, deep cleansing in the  NSS and the SIS, Barseghyan sees risks in terms of the fruitfulness  of their activities in the investigation of existing and future  criminal cases imputed to Sargsyan.

The third president of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan, is accused of  organizing embezzlement on an especially large scale - about 500  million drams. Sargsyan was charged on the grounds of clause 1 part 3  of article 38- 179 of the Criminal Code of RA - an act dangerous to  society. The matter concerns the state program approved in 2013 by  the Government on more affordable acquisition of diesel fuel for  spring agricultural work. According to the investigation, exceeding  the official authority, Sargsyan facilitated the purchase of diesel  fuel from Flash Ltd at higher prices. A recognizance not to leave was  taken as a measure of restraint against Sargsyan.

Commenting on the accusations made by the Republican Party that the  authorities are trying to silence Sargsyan and prevent his foreign  policy against them, the human rights activist assessed the former  president's speech at the EPP forum in Zagreb as meaningless.  According to him, today nothing prevents Sargsyan from giving a press  conference in Armenia and answering all the questions asked to him. 

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