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Alexandr Avanesov

Citizens of Armenia and China will be able to pay mutual visits  without a visa

Citizens of Armenia and China will be able to pay mutual visits  without a visa

ArmInfo. RA National Assembly ratifies Armenian-Chinese intergovernmental agreement on the abolition of the visa regime at December 10 sitting.  

As Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Armenia Avet Adonts  noted in his speech, 14,500 Chinese citizens visited Armenia in 10  months of 2019.  In January-October 2018, 8430 Chinese citizens  visited, and 8450 people went from Armenia to China. The abolition of  the visa regime between the two states will lead to even greater  growth in tourist flow from China, will strengthen opportunities for  contacts between businessmen of the two states, and will intensify  bilateral trade and economic relations. If in 2018 the trade turnover  between the two countries amounted to $ 700 million, then over the 10  months of this year it already exceeded $ 800 million. As the Deputy  Foreign Minister of the Republic of Armenia noted, if in conditions  of visa restrictions, tourist flow is currently growing rapidly, then  with the removal of them a real boom can be expected.

The agreement, as the deputy minister noted, was signed on May 26 of  this year. The purpose of the document is to stimulate the  development of friendly relations between Armenia and China, as well  as facilitate mutual visits of citizens of the two countries. The  agreement provides that citizens with ordinary passports, upon  entering the country or in transit, will be exempted from the need to  obtain a visa when they are in the host country for up to 90 days  within six months. If the citizens of the two countries plan to stay  for study or work, they will have to apply for a visa. He also said  that the People's Republic of China has completed all domestic  procedures to ratify the agreement.  It should be noted that earlier  Tian Erlong, the Chinese Ambassador to the RA, reported that the  trade turnover between Armenia and China for the 9 months of this  year amounted to $ 650 million, having increased by 50% compared to  the same period last year.  In turn, on November 14, RA Minister of  Economy Tigran Khachatryan noted that in 2019 the tourist flow from  China to Armenia increased by 42.1%. The Minister expressed  confidence that the growth rate of tourism will continue in 2020.

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