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David Stepanyan

A look from Jerusalem: Armenia is busy with internal problems and  looks at the rest of the world very little

A look from Jerusalem: Armenia is busy with internal problems and  looks at the rest of the world very little

ArmInfo. Armenia, and, far from the first year, is occupied with internal problems and looks very little at the rest of the world. A similar opinion was expressed  by ArmInfo, an Israeli public figure, political scientist Avigdor  Eskin.

"Unfortunately, Armenia as a state does not have a clear, precise  position on foreign policy, it does not have its own vision of its  own place in the system of geopolitical coordinates. But I really  hope that the situation will change under the new government, which  will first of all correspond to the interests of Armenia itself. It  seems to me that your government and Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan  are all aware of this, "he said.

Armenia, according to Eskin, should be interested in establishing  good relations with Israel. For example, in order to study the Jewish  experience in the field of repatriation. According to a political  scientist, over 70 years of the existence of Israel, the Jewish  population has increased 12 times. And this was done thanks to the  purposeful policy of the Jewish state. Meanwhile, the population of  Armenia and Georgia during the years of independence only decreased,  and, quite noticeably.  According to him, the high scientific,  intellectual potential of Armenia has remained unclaimed and  unrealized over the past 25 years. Meanwhile, small Israel today  ranks second in the world in the development of hi-tech technologies.  In this light, Eskin believes that for Armenia, cooperation with  Israel in these areas should be a priority. Agriculture, defense, the  military-industrial complex are also priority areas for the  development of cooperation between the two countries.  According to  the political scientist, Israel, like the whole world, needs to look  at Armenia with great interest. First of all, in view of the obvious  geopolitical significance of Armenia, due to the rampant aggression  of Erdogan Turkey against almost all countries of the region.  Meanwhile, according to his estimates, it is Armenia, along with  Georgia, that is a natural obstacle to the spread of pan-Turkic  ideology from Turkey to Azerbaijan and further to the East.   "Accordingly, a strong, prosperous Armenia is important not only for  the Armenians themselves, if you will, the Armenians, but also for  the entire vast region in which it is located. And Israel, suffering  from Turkish aggression, is certainly also interested in increasing  opportunities and, respectively, of international significance and  influence of Armenia, "Eskin emphasized. 



Давид Маркарян
Авигдор готов подписаться под каждым твоим словом. Последние 25 лет Арменией руководили люди из Карабаха -Арцаха-Кочарян и Саргсян. Все свои силы они тратили на спасение населения Арцаха от геноцида и этнических чисток со стороны Азербайджана.Это им в значительной степени удалось,но за счет эксплуатации и ущемления интересов Армении. В этом причина революции и прихода к власти Никола Пашиняна.Парадигма переговоров изменится к первоначальной форме 1994 НКР- Азербайджан плюс Армения. У Армении наконец-то появится возможность стать самим собой и частью мира,в том числе и друга Израиля

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