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Expert: Artsakh society faces a dilemma between habitual evil and  another future for its children

Expert: Artsakh society faces a dilemma between habitual evil and  another future for its children

ArmInfo. Artsakh society faces a dilemma between the already old, old evil and another, better future for its children. It is this choice that we have to make in the  presidential election in 2020 Such an opinion  was expressed to  Armnifo  by   Artsakh expert in national security Rachya Arzumanyan   commenting on the December 3 meetings of the Prime Minister of  Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan.

"The first option is to again give the mandate to the old  authorities, in this case Araik Harutyunyan or Ashot Gulyan. Resign  yourself to the absence of any changes, choose the evil that has  become habitual, even forgetting the results of the April war. The  second option is ignoring the aggressive election campaign of the old  authorities , to remember that we are citizens of our country and  masters of our destiny. And to do everything to provide our children  with a different future, "he stressed.

According to the analyst's forecasts, it is precisely the second  option in this case, Masis Mayilyan, that gives the people of Artsakh  a chance to completely destroy all the calculations of the old  government.  Calculations in which future posts, positions and even  the names of those who leave as a result of Artsakh are already  distributed.

However, according to Arzumanyan, unfortunately, today we can  confidently talk about the support of Mayilyan by exclusively  "thinking" citizens of Artsakh. In any case, he is convinced that  today there is a dilemma and support for the authorities in Yerevan  and the entire Armenian people, which already creates a chance for  the victory of "forces of the future" in Artsakh.

According to the analyst, the situation is generally quite simple.  Artsakhians will have to choose between one of the richest people in  Artsakh, former Prime Minister Araik Harutyunyan, alternate candidate  for power, Speaker of the Parliament Ashot Ghoulian and supported by  the intelligentsia and other people who did not buy Harutyunyan,  Foreign Minister Masis Mayilyan. All other candidates, according to  his estimates, have no chance, but they pursue the goal of personal  political promotion, etc. 

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