Friday, November 22 2019 19:40
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Iranian Embassy called the allegations of the US Ambassador regarding  the Iranian authorities unfounded and invalid

Iranian Embassy called the allegations of the US Ambassador regarding  the Iranian authorities unfounded and invalid

ArmInfo. The Iranian Embassy in Armenia reacted to the statement of the US Ambassador to Armenia Lynne Tracy that the Iranian authorities are providing  assistance to terrorist groups.

Thus, the Iranian embassy called the allegations of the US ambassador  in relation to the government and people of Iran groundless and  invalid. "The US government violates the principles of international  law and ignores legal obligations, putting people's lives to economic  terrorism. This country has a dark past, and the current president of  the United States participates in the creation of terrorist  organizations and aiding them, which both current and former US  officials have repeatedly admitted ", the Iranian embassy in Armenia  emphasized.

The Iranian diplomatic mission added that Iran, as one of the largest  victims of terrorism, has a transparent past in the fight against  terrorism and protecting the population of the region from this evil.  "Iran's efforts to protect the Christian and Armenian populations in  Syria and Lebanon from the actions of radical extremist groups  receiving US assistance are a vivid example of this. Despite claims  by the US ambassador that Washington sees no problems in implementing  energy projects between Armenia and Iran , the pressure on the  peoples of different countries by this country through the abuse of  instruments of economic pressure, suggests that if this government  had the opportunity to confront the regional realities and the desire  to maintain and expand relations between the two neighboring  countries, it would not hesitate to immediately apply pressure and  prevent the export of Iranian gas to Armenia and hinder relations  between the two countries ", the Iranian Embassy in Armenia stressed.

At the same time, the Iranian embassy expressed the belief that  relations between friendly Armenia and Iran will be continuous. 

Earlier, US Ambassador to Armenia Lynne Tracy, referring to  cooperation between Armenia and Iran, said in particular: "We  understand the need of exchange of gas and electricity between  Armenia and Iran.  Our concern regarding Iran is not related to  legitimate trade relations, but to the provision of  Iran's  assistance to terrorist groups at the state level. And this is a very  specific and targeted direction. But outside this question, we see no  problems in either the trade or any other issue. "

To clarify, that the lawful expansion of trade and economic relations  between Armenia and Iran will not raise questions in the United  States, the ambassador said in particular: "No. Our concern with Iran  affects several state structures. The existing state structures and  their relations with terrorist organizations, outside of this, as  regards the Armenian-Iranian trade relations, we approach them with  understanding, "she said. 

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