Wednesday, November 20 2019 14:57
Karina Manukyan

Former Police Chief`s brother was charged

Former Police Chief`s brother was charged

ArmInfo.The preliminary investigation into the incident in the village of Kotayk during the celebration of "Vardavar" is completed. According to the  Investigative Committee, Karen Gasparyan has been charged. 

To recall, he is the brother of former Chief of the Armenian Police  Vova Gasparyan.

The incident took place last summer. Then the police received a  statement that during the celebration of "Vardavar" a minor girl  poured water over Karen Gasparyan's car, which caused a skirmish  involving the latter and the girl's father. Then girl's father was  summoned to the Gasparyan's mansion, where Karen Gasparyan forced him  under penalty of death kneel and ask for forgiveness and then he beat  him.

Karen Gasparyan was charged under part 2 of article 258 of the RA  Criminal Code. The criminal case with the indictment was sent to  court. 

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