Monday, November 11 2019 13:54
Alina Hovhannisyan

Armenia and Kazakhstan will become wildly popular among millionaire  tourists

Armenia and Kazakhstan will become wildly popular among millionaire  tourists

ArmInfo.During the tourism exhibition in London Experts made an interesting forecast. According to them, in the near future, wealthy people will go on vacation not to the Maldives and not to the Alps, but to untwisted resorts of less  popular countries. The list includes Armenia, Kazakhstan, South  Korea, Finland, as well as Eritrea - a state in East Africa on the  Red Sea coast.  It is reported by Region online.

Experts believe that adventurers with impressive bank accounts are  tired of standard entertainment and the same landscapes, they want  color, traditions, unusual cuisine and national costumes. To see the  Baikonur Cosmodrome and the Northern Lights, try kimchi and the  fruits of the prickly pear cactus, take a walk through the cave city  or the bottom of the dried Aral Sea - few can boast of such.

According to Adam Sebba, CEO at Cookson Adventures Ltd, customers are  less and less willing to go to popular places, where hundreds of  friends have already visited. Increasingly, they ask not just a  vacation, but an emotional adventure that will be remembered for a  lifetime. See the eruption of a volcano, swim next to whales, attend  an Indian wedding. They are ready to pay for an individual tour, an  exclusive route, somewhere to sacrifice the usual comfort for the  sake of new sensations. To bring from vacation not only beautiful  pictures, but also new knowledges.

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