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Robert Kocharian notes the weakening of the negotiating positions of  Yerevan on Karabakh due to gross mistakes of the Armenian side

Robert Kocharian notes the weakening of the negotiating positions of  Yerevan on Karabakh due to gross mistakes of the Armenian side

ArmInfo. The second  president of Armenia Robert Kocharian notes the weakening of the  negotiating positions of Yerevan on Karabakh due to gross mistakes of  the Armenian side.

So, in an interview with Sputnik-Armenia, Kocharyan, referring to the  situation with the Karabakh settlement, said in particular: "What is  the situation with the Karabakh settlement in the context of global  and regional processes? There is a weakening of our negotiating  positions due to gross mistakes of the Armenian side. Statement by  the Prime Minister" Karabakh - this is Armenia, and that's all! "led  the negotiations from the principle of self-determination of peoples  to the plane of the territorial integrity of states that is  undesirable for us. The elevator contacts of Pashinyan and Aliyev  were virtually zero the agreements reached for us in Vienna and St.  Petersburg. "

At the same time, the second president of Armenia believes that the  contradictory statements of the Armenian leadership, the lack of a  clearly formulated position on the settlement cast doubt on the  constructiveness of the Armenian side. Kocharian also believes that  such a perception of the Armenian position has already gone beyond  the framework of evaluations of intermediaries into the public  sphere.  "An unpleasant residue was left by an interview by Armenian  Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan of the Air Force. All this plays  a role in lowering the threshold for resumption of hostilities by  Azerbaijan under the pretext of the obvious senselessness of  negotiations and the right to restore its territorial integrity.  The  potential for a ceasefire has also decreased because the world  community has significantly reduced the resource for compelling to  the world due to the growth of global contradictions, "Kocharian  said, adding that we must also understand that in case of war its  scope and devastating consequences will not be apparently the hardest  thing so far.

According to the former head of Armenia, too much weapons and  ammunition have been accumulated by the parties to the conflict.  "Maybe realizing this will sober up and add responsibility to the  current government and its Facebook supporters who have no idea about  the war. Is Armenia divided into white and black ready for bad  scenarios? The country's security depends not only on the combat  readiness of the armed forces, the quality and quantity of weapons.  Public sentiment and consensus around national tasks are no less  important factors.In a similar current, torn by contradictions state,  our society has never been.  sheniya between the ruling elites of  Karabakh and Armenia, the demonization of the heroes of the war, the  humiliation of the last battle your way generals disrespect to the  memory of killed soldiers are very dangerous Demotivatory patriotic  society's resources ", - said Kocharian.

The second president also believes that the practical freezing of the  defense budget with a 20 percent increase in military spending by the  enemy is extremely suspicious and impossible to characterize outside  the framework of conspiracy theories and profanity.

In the afterword, Kocharian noted that he shared his thoughts on the  security issues of Armenia and Karabakh taking place in a wide  context and tried to outline obvious challenges and threats with  large strokes, but at the same time did not offer specific solutions,  however, not because he does not have them, but because security -  This is the exclusive responsibility of the state, and the current  government does not recommend anything. "Strengthening their power,  comfort and personal security is the main thing for them and,  apparently, the only priority, there is neither time nor resources  for everything else," Kocharian summed up.

Recall that the second president of Armenia is accused of  overthrowing the constitutional order in the framework of the  criminal case on the dispersal of protests on March 1, 2008. The  ex-president of Armenia was arrested twice in 2018. And on June 25 of  this year he was arrested for the third time. The court of general  jurisdiction of Yerevan, at a meeting on November 7, decided to leave  Kocharian under arrest, rejecting the defense's motion to apply the  bail as an alternative preventive measure.

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