Friday, November 1 2019 13:17
Alina Hovhannisyan

Another facet of art: YBF Ararat presented a unique evening of jazz  to the Armenian audience

Another facet of art: YBF Ararat presented a unique evening of jazz  to the Armenian audience

ArmInfo.On October 31, the legendary Armenian brandy ARARAT presented the only concert of Franco-Brazilian jazz singer Agatha Irakema at the Mezzo club in the  framework of # YerevanJazzFest2019.

The performance of Agatha Irakema was accompanied by the State Jazz  Orchestra of Armenia under the direction of artistic director and  conductor Armen Usnunts.

Brazilian Agatha Irakema, born in France, rightfully occupies one of  the leading places in the modern pulsation of world jazz. The  daughter of the famous bassist Rubens Santana, began her career from  a young age and more than once admitted that she was always admired  and inspired by the work of Charles Aznavour. "I'm incredibly glad to  visit Charles Aznavour's country and am very impressed with it," the  singer noted in Armenia.

Within the framework of # YerevanJazzFest2019, the singer presented a  unique program prepared for the Armenian audience.

By such a creative collaboration with the Armenian Association of  Jazz and Mezzo Production, the legendary Armenian brandy ARARAT  reveals another facet of skill, offering the most discerning art  lovers and the best cognacs to enjoy another unique moment.


It should be noted that in 1998 the Yerevan Brandy Factory entered  the international company Pernod Ricard (Perno Ricard), the world  leader in the field of premium alcohol.

The legendary Armenian ARARAT  cognacs are produced at the Yerevan Cognac Factory using traditional  technology, the foundations of which were laid back in 1887 by the  brothers Vasily and Nerses Tairyants. When creating cognacs, only  high-quality Armenian grapes of endemic varieties and crystal clear  spring water are used.  ARARAT precious cognac spirits are aged in  barrels of centuries-old Caucasian oak made in the factory's own  cooper workshop. 

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