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Shushan Safaryan

In the Lori region seriously took up the "black" lumberjacks

In the Lori region seriously took up the "black" lumberjacks

ArmInfo. In the Lori region, for the illegal cutting of trees in the first 9 months of  this year, a much larger number of "black" lumberjacks were convicted  than for the entire 2018 year.

As the public relations department of the Prosecutor General's Office  of Armenia reports, in the first 9 months of this year, the  Investigative Committee opened 70 criminal cases, 19 of which were  sent to the court of first instance in the Lori region. Charges were  submitted to 21 people. Meanwhile, for the entire period of 2018,  only 61 cases were initiated, and 8 persons were charged. Damage in  the amount of 39.5 million drams was caused to nature. During the  same time, 12 were indicted in 12 cases. For the whole of 2018 - only  7 people prosecuted.

The Prosecutor General's Office notes that these statistics are not  associated with an increase in cases of illegal tree felling, but  reflects the result of a more stringent and responsible approach by  law enforcement agencies to this type of crime.

Note that Lori region of Armenia is the richest in timber. According  to experts, about 1,200 trees are illegally cut down annually in the  region. According to the studies of American experts, if the "black"  lumberjacks continue to cut down trees without hindrance, then  Armenia may be left without forest areas in a few decades, which can  lead to a reduction in water resources and intensification of   landslide processes.

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