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Alexandr Avanesov

MP: Armenian authorities together with the opposition should build  the state that 1999 October 27 terrorist attack victims dreamed on

MP: Armenian authorities together with the opposition should build  the state that 1999 October 27 terrorist attack victims dreamed on

ArmInfo. The Armenian authorities together with the opposition should build the state that  1999 October 27 terrorist attack  victims dreamed on. On October 22,  MP of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia Arman  Babajanyan stated this from the rostrum of the parliament.

According to him, soon on October 27, the public of Armenia will mark  the 20th anniversary of that tragic date. "20 years ago in this room  a group of villains shot the elected leaders of the state -  parliament speaker Karen Demirchyan and Prime Minister Vazgen  Sargsyan, who aroused hope in Armenian society," the MP said. He  added that that crime was directed against the statehood and  independence of the country. According to the MP, it is necessary to  return the development of the state to the harbor, from which it  stopped in October 1999. "We are obliged to fully disclose that  crime. Meanwhile, unfortunately, this issue is not fixed on our  agenda. The new authorities should make efforts in this direction,  which, on the one hand, will be a tribute to the victims of the  terrorist attack, and on the other, restore justice, "said the MP,  adding that the attack was organized and carried out by internal and  external forces that have not yet been identified. And this, the MP  continued, means that such attacks can happen again at any time.

It should be noted that October 27 marks the 20th anniversary of the  attack in the Armenian parliament. October 27, 1999, when a group of  terrorists broke into parliament and shot and killed Prime Minister  of Armenia Vazgen Sargsyan, Speaker of the National Assembly of the  Republic of Armenia Karen Demirchyan,  Vice-Speakers Yuri Bakhshyan  and Ruben Miroyan, Minister of Operational Affairs Leonard Petrosyan  and MPs Armenak Armenakyan, Mikayel Kotanyan . The terrorist group  included former journalist Nairi Hunanyan, who worked for some time  on television in Armenia, his brother Karen Hunanyan, their uncle  Vram Galstyan, as well as Derenik Bejanyan and Ashot Knyazyan. Their  trial began on February 15, 2001. On December 2, 2003, the  Center-Nork-Marash trial court sentenced the Nairi and Karen Unanyan  brothers, Edik Grigoryan, Vram Galstyan (in 2004, according to the  official version, committed suicide), Derenik Bejanyan and Ashot  Knyazyan to life imprisonment. Hamlet Stepanyan was sentenced to 14  years in prison (In May 2010, his body was found in his bed in the  Nubarashen detention center). All seven were found guilty of treason  and terrorism. The RA Court of Cassation upheld the verdict.

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