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Alexandr Avanesov

In November, the Congress of the Democratic Party of Artsakh will  resolve the issue of its candidate for presidential elections

In November, the Congress of the Democratic Party of Artsakh will  resolve the issue of its candidate for presidential elections

ArmInfo. In November, the congress of the Democratic Party of Artsakh will decide on the nomination of its candidate in the presidential election and speak  about the principles of forming a proportional list of the party.  This is stated in comments on internal political events in the  republic by the President of the Artsakh National Assembly, Chairman  of the Central Council of the Democratic Party of Armenia Ashot  Ghoulian.

As noted in the comments, in the spring of 2020, the republic will  hold two national elections, which will determine the life of the  Artsakh people over the next five years. "The political field of  Artsakh has never been so vague and fragmented. The number of parties  has almost doubled, approaching 25. Complex elections are expected as  that the population should understand that every citizen is  responsible for the future of the country," the commentary says.

In general, according to Ashot Ghoulian, in countries such as  Artsakh, the role and authority of individuals have a great influence  on the results of the elections, but it is at this very stage it is  important to realize that elections are values that can become a  solid foundation for well-being and strengthening the statehood.   "Short-term interest and short-term solutions to problems will not  lead society to long-term development.  The Democratic Party of  Artsakh announced a new political process. We were in all areas of  Artsakh, preparing for elections to local authorities, met with  representatives of local structures, discussed the main issues that  should be reflected in the party's election program. Work continues  today. In November, the party's congress will decide on  its  candidate for the presidential election and will determine  proportional party list ", the comment reads.

The NA President notes that within the party and among the general  public there is an opinion that the Democratic Party of Artsakh  should demonstrate an example of fair and civilized competition. This  position in no way limits the possibility of ongoing political  consultations with the forces represented on the political field of  the republic. "The DPA is ready to create an atmosphere of solidarity  for effective socio-political consolidation in order to  comprehensively address the country's problems," Ashot Ghoulian said  in comments.

It should be noted that in the spring of 2020, presidential and  parliamentary elections will be held in Artsakh. Particular attention  will be focused on the presidential election, since it is the head of  state who determines the main directions of domestic and foreign  policy. Former Prime Minister, leader of the Free Homeland Party  Arayik Harutyunyan, Foreign Minister Masis Mayilyan, MP Hayk  Khanumyan, Artsakh Hero Vitaliy Balasanyan and others have already  announced their intention to take part in the presidential race.

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