Tuesday, October 15 2019 15:49
David Stepanyan

MP: There are no `unsinkable` judges, officials and institutions in  Armenia and there cannot be any

MP: There are no `unsinkable` judges, officials and institutions in  Armenia and there cannot be any

ArmInfo. As in any other law-based state there are no 'unsinkable' judges, officials and  institutions in Armenia and there cannot be any. MP of the National  Assembly of Armenia from the "My Step" bloc Anush Begloyan expressed  a similar opinion to ArmInfo, commenting on the possibility for Hrayr  Tovmasyan to remain the Chairman of the Constitutional Court.

On September 14, the Constitutional Court of Armenia rejected the  consideration of the deprivation of authority of its head Hrayr  Tovmasyan. On October 4, the National Assembly of Armenia with 98  votes in favor and 1 vote against adopted the appeal prepared by the  parliamentary faction of the "My Step" bloc to the Constitutional  Court on the termination of the powers of Hrayr Tovmasyan. The  initiative of the ruling party was initially supported by colleagues  from the Bright Armenia faction.  "The rejection of our initiative by  the Constitutional Court should be considered in the framework of the  practice and strategy adopted by this judicial authority in relation  to other state authorities. The decision was made for reasons  incomprehensible to us, since the Constitutional Court has not yet  published the legal grounds that prompted it to make such a decision  "We are waiting for the publication of these grounds in order to  determine a further strategy towards resolving the situation around  the Constitutional Court," she said.

According to Begloyan, in this strategy, the parliament will in any  case rely solely on legislative mechanisms, and apply methods that  fit into the framework of the rule of law. According to her, the  parliament, in general, and the ruling "My Step" bloc, in particular,  upon necessity, will take further steps towards resolving the  situation around the Constitutional Court exclusively within the  framework of the philosophy and legislation of the rule of law.  At  the same time, the parliamentarian did not rule out that in the event  of a situation in which it turns out that the current laws related to  the Constitutional Court are not able to resolve the problem, the My  Step bloc or other parliamentary factions may come forward with the  initiative to introduce relevant amendments to the country's Basic  Law.  In its appeal to the Constitutional Court the parliament  presented four grounds for terminating Tovmasyan's powers. First, he  did not have the right to participate in the consideration of "the  Kocharyan case"by the Constitutional Court, since he was connected  not only with him, but also with the Republicans, in particular, with  former President Serzh Sargsyan. Second, Tovmasyan is the godfather  of Kocharian's lawyer Aram Orbelian. Third, Tovmasyan's previous  statements on the "March 1 case" give reason to consider his position  partial. Fourth justification - Tovmasyan neglected all of the above  circumstances and did not report the impossibility of his  participation in the consideration of the "Kocharyan case". 

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