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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Masis Mayilyan: The people of Artsakh should not be infringed on  their rights or limited in realizing their potential due to the  unrecognition of the country

Masis Mayilyan: The people of Artsakh should not be infringed on  their rights or limited in realizing their potential due to the  unrecognition of the country

ArmInfo. Achievements and challenges in the process of state building in Artsakh, as well as prospects for overcoming existing problems and establishing lasting  peace in the South Caucasus region, NKR Foreign Minister Masis  Mayilyan presented during a speech on the topic "International  recognition of the Republic of Artsakh as a guarantee of stability  and peace in the region" at the Cooperation for Justice and Peace  Forum of Artsakh Friends, in Stepanakert,.

In his speech, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, in particular, noted  that the proclamation of the republic and the adoption of the  Declaration of State Independence passed in full compliance with  international law and the national legislation in force at that time.  "Artsakh was entitled to create an independent state in order to  exercise the right to self-determination and with the right to  protection in conditions of systematic discrimination, massive  violations of human rights and ethnic cleansing carried out by  Azerbaijan," the NKR Foreign Minister said.

Masis Mayilyan noted that for a long time the prevailing opinion was  that the peace agreement with Azerbaijan would open the way to  international recognition of Artsakh. However, he continued, from the  very beginning the peace process faced an insurmountable obstacle -  Azerbaijan's unwillingness to abandon the logic of confrontation,  which led to the need to intensify efforts aimed at international  recognition of the republic.

The Minister expressed confidence that in this situation, the  international recognition of Artsakh will ensure the irreversibility  of the peace process and will become an incentive for the final  resolution of the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict through negotiations.  "Moreover, the international recognition of the Republic of Artsakh  will allow, in addition to hard power or military means, to use soft  power, that is, political and diplomatic tools to ensure security. It  is also important to recognize Artsakh in terms of protecting human  rights, and the need to reduce the impact of the conflict on the  daily lives of citizens Artsakh is an imperative of the time, "said  the head of the Artsakh Foreign Ministry. In this context, Masis  Mayilian emphasized that the people of Artsakh should not be  infringed on their rights or limited in the realization of their  potential only because they live in an unrecognized country.

In his speech, the head of the foreign ministry expressed gratitude  to the friends of Artsakh for supporting the people of the republic  in their quest for freedom and justice and for promoting the  development of international relations of Artsakh. Mayilyan noted  that the forum will be a signal to the international community about  the inadmissibility of isolating Artsakh and depriving its citizens  of international cooperation opportunities.

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