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Artsakh President: Even a slight weakening of our security will  create the temptation for the enemy to resort to new aggression

Artsakh President: Even a slight weakening of our security will  create the temptation for the enemy to resort to new aggression

ArmInfo. In Stepanakert, the  Artsakh Friends Forum "Cooperation for Justice and Peace" has  started.

As the NKR President's press service told ArmInfo, Artsakh President  Bako Sahakyan participated in the opening of the forum and delivered  a welcoming speech to the audience.  Sahakyan during his speech  emphasized that this event is special, both in content and in the  composition of the participants. "For the first time, a Forum of  Artsakh Friendships is being organized, which brought together  political, public, cultural figures, human rights activists,  scientists, analysts and journalists from different countries under  the same roof. Here are members of friendship groups and circles with  Artsakh, representatives of administrative units and political  forces, recognizing the independence of our republic or cooperating  with us, for many years, being committed to democratic principles and  humanitarian values, you have been carrying out painstaking work  aimed at to promote Artsakh, presentation of objective information  about our country in various international platforms, the development  of bilateral relations, the implementation of different programs in  Artsakh ", - said the President of Artsakh, in this context,  expressed appreciation and gratitude to you for all this and  appreciated their mission.  At the same time, the President of  Artsakh emphasized that the issues that will be discussed at the  forum affect almost all spheres of the life of the republic, and this  format makes it possible to better present reality, outline and  clarify plans for the future.

According to him, in this context it is important to once again  present a vision of the state building of the Republic of Artsakh and  the imperatives of foreign policy, which is a kind of benchmark in  your work.  Sahakyan emphasized that the creation of an independent,  sovereign, strong state was and remains the basis of state building,  the cornerstones of which are the trinity of Artsakh with Armenia and  the Diaspora and commitment to democratic values and principles. "The  most important imperative for us is to fully ensure the security of  Artsakh on all levels. Even a slight weakening of our security will  create the temptation for the enemy to resort to new aggression,  which is fraught with unpredictable consequences. It is for this  reason that the security problem is also a priority in the  negotiation process. Concerning the negotiation process , I want to  reaffirm that we are supporters of the peaceful settlement of our  relations with Azerbaijan through negotiations under the auspices of  the Minsk Group O BSE: It is impossible to achieve serious success  without restoring the full-fledged format of the negotiation process  with the full participation of Artsakh. It is obvious that the fate  of Artsakh cannot be decided without his participation and for us  there can be no return to the past, both in terms of status and  borders. the foreign policy of the Republic of Artsakh is based on  the principles of balance and multi-vectority, "the NKR head  stressed, adding that maintaining good relations equally with Europe,  the USA, Russia, and regional states is Artsakh is imperative.

The leader of Artsakh stated that this is due to the peculiarities of  the region and the presence of the Armenian diaspora. "In the foreign  policy sphere, Stepanakert continues to pay special attention to  establishing and deepening ties with different countries and states  and their administrative-territorial units.  Time poses new  challenges, requires clarification and approval of the strategy and  tactics of confronting different challenges. Close cooperation  between Armenia is of key importance here, Artsakh and the Diaspora,  strengthening permanent practical ties between Artsakh and his  friends. Plans and objectives are diverse, but definitely realistic.  I am sure that we will It's possible to solve them effectively, and  along these lines, holding such events is of particular importance,  "Sahakyan concluded.  It should be noted that the purpose of the  event is to expand and strengthen interaction with various regions  and cities, as well as giving new impetus to existing international  relations. The forum will be attended by representatives of political  and public structures, friendship groups with Artsakh operating in  different countries of the world, as well as those who recognized the  independence of Artsakh or administrative and territorial units  cooperating with the republic. In total, we are talking about over  150 participants from about 30 countries of the world. Within the  framework of the event, discussions will be held on the topics of the  peace process and the right of the people of Artsakh to  self-determination, as well as the possibilities of expanding  international relations of Artsakh in order to oppose the isolation  policy of Azerbaijan. -v-  

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