Thursday, October 10 2019 10:21
Marianna Mkrtchyan

MFA: Armenia condemns Turkey`s military invasion of northeast Syria

MFA: Armenia condemns Turkey`s military invasion of northeast Syria

ArmInfo.Armenia condemns Turkey's military invasion of northeastern Syria, which will lead to further deterioration of the situation in the region, civilian  casualties, a large flow of internally displaced persons, and,  ultimately, a new flow of humanitarian crisis. This is stated in the  statement of the Armenian Foreign Ministry.

"The situation is particularly worrisome for national and religious  minorities. This military invasion also poses an immediate threat of  gross and massive violations of human rights based on identity.  Armenia calls for effective international efforts to stop this  military invasion, prevent mass atrocities and protect the people of  Syria bordering with Turkey. Armenia supports the unity and  sovereignty of Syria and calls for refraining from military  encroachments on Syria and its people. Armenia will continue to  provide humanitarian assistance to the friendly Syrian people at the  local level ", - said in a statement the Foreign Ministry of Armenia.

It should be noted that on October 9, Turkey launched a large-scale  "anti-terrorist operation" in the areas of Syria east of the  Euphrates River.

According to the Turkish president, the goal of the operation, called  "Source of Peace", is to eliminate the threat of terrorism along the  Turkish borders and create a "security zone" where millions of Syrian  refugees will voluntarily return. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State  Mike Pompeo said that Washington did not give Turkey the green light  to start a military operation in northern Syria.

At the same time, Pompeo supported the decision of Donald Trump to  withdraw American forces from this area. This decision of the  American president has been criticized both in the United States and  outside the country.

Donald Trump himself after the start of the air raids called the  operation of Turkey against the Syrian Kurds a bad idea. 


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