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David Stepanyan

Politician and statesman Masis Mayilyan’s election as Artsakh president is required for Armenia`s breakthrough

Politician and statesman Masis Mayilyan’s election as Artsakh president is required for Armenia`s breakthrough

ArmInfo. Security expert Hrachya Arzumanyan in an interview with ArmInfo comments on the intention of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh, Masis Mayilyan, to run for president of the republic in the 2020 elections. He shares his vision of changes in Artsakh and relations with Armenia in case of Mayilyan's victory. Arzumanyan forecasts possible relations between the authorities of Armenia and Artsakh, in this context, from the perspective of a citizen "from the outside."


- In your opinion, is Masis Mayilyan a kind of conditional “candidate of the future”, given that all other presidential candidates are “from the past”?


Of course, Masis Mayilyan can be called the first real candidate for the presidency of Artsakh, whose political views are focused on the future, and not the past. Artsakh and Armenia as a whole today face threats that are political and military in nature. The Armenian statehood managed to form a unified military security system of the two Armenian states and create the united armed forces of Armenia, which include the Armed forces of the Republic of Armenia and the Artsakh Defense Army. The socio-economic, financial and other sectors of the Armenian states are also largely combined. However, at present, as a people, we still have not ensured the creation of a de jure United Armenia and a single field of Armenian politics. In such circumstances, the synchronization of Armenian politics is strongly dependent on those who hold top political positions in both Armenia and Artsakh. The political process in Armenia remains too personal, depending on the will, views and beliefs of the top officials.



- What is the main difference between Mayilyan and his rivals?


Of all the real candidates for the presidency of Artsakh, only Masis Mayilyan has the necessary political experience and is able to act as a politician, not a military man or businessman. The political arena is critical for Armenian statehood, and in the coming years, Artsakh and Armenia will face the need to make political decisions. In conditions of weak public, political and state institutions, the role and importance of leaders grows significantly. We simply do not have the opportunity and the right to entrust political decisions to persons with military or business thinking. In recent days, we have seen many examples of how dangerous a general can be if he thoughtlessly enters the political arena.


- In your forecasts, will the authorities of Armenia, in particular, Prime Minister Pashinyan, support Mayilyan?

Obviously, I cannot make a judgment regarding a possible decision of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia. Nevertheless, if the situation is considered not through the eyes of an expert, but through the eyes of a citizen, then I think Nikol Pashinyan will be much more fine building relationships and dialogue with a person who has extensive experience in diplomatic, analytical, informational work, who has published an analytical magazine being in opposition for a long time rather than with a military or businessman. Generals await orders or give orders. Even more complex problems arise with businessmen who have occupied the highest political post.

- Could you rate Masis Mayilyan's chances to win. What new opportunities could he bring in o the life of the Artsakh people as president?

First of all, Masis Mayilyan can return to the Artsakh society its right to participate in the political life of Armenia, of which it has been deprived of along with the loss of a seat at the negotiating table due to known events. Thanks to the Armenian ruling elite of the post-Soviet period, a paradoxical and unacceptable situation developed when Artsakh was left in war and deprived of the right to participate in politics and peace. This state of affairs suited the centers of power, the Armenian ruling elite, who had the opportunity to plunder national wealth, but never suited the Armenian people. Artsakh was turned into a reservation, which was given only the opportunity to fight. In this light, the fact that we faced war in April 2016 is not surprising.


-In this sense, will Masis Mayilyan's election become a logical continuation of the change of power in Armenia from authoritarian to democratic one?

Masis Mayilyan's election provides an opportunity to radically revise relations between the Armenian states and, finally, to solve the urgent political problems of the Armenian statehood, completing the stage of the national liberation struggle begun by the Armenian people in 1988. This will allow to qualitatively improve the position of Armenian statehood within Armenia, in the region and in the world. We need a breakthrough into the future - the Armenian future of the 21st century. For such a breakthrough the election of a politician and statesman to the highest post of president is required. Masis Mayilyan, in my opinion, meets the required criteria.


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