Tuesday, October 8 2019 17:24
Emmanuil Mkrtchyan

Development of a new Law  "On Repatriation" started in Armenian  Parliament

Development of a new Law  "On Repatriation" started in Armenian  Parliament

ArmInfo. The first sitting of the recently formed working group on the development of the RA Law "On Repatriation" was held at the NA Standing Committee on Science,  Education, Culture, Diaspora, Youth and Sports. Chief Commissioner  for Diaspora Affairs Zare Sinanyan and head of the repatriation  department of our office Hovhannes Aleksanyan attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the importance of adopting this document was  emphasized. The working group set a schedule for periodic meetings to  discuss the proposals submitted.

Earlier, Hovhannes Aleksanyan stated that since last May, hundreds of  families have repatriated to Armenia and now many continue to contact  the Office of the Commissioner for various issues. According to him,  the adoption of the relevant law will make it possible to systematize  this work. The office of the Chief Commissioner, to facilitate the  work with people, retains the "one contact" principle. Aleksanyan  noted that repatriation itself, as such, should be the result of a  lot of work, which should bring together the demographic, economic,  technological potential of the world Armenians and provide an  opportunity to direct efforts for the benefit of Armenia. On the  other hand, the state will continue to strengthen and strengthen the  Diaspora.

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