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David Stepanyan

Expert: Valdai statements on Artsakh made by Lavrov result from  Aliyev`s presence at the event 

Expert: Valdai statements on Artsakh made by Lavrov result from  Aliyev`s presence at the event 

ArmInfo.The statements made on  October 2 on the sidelines of the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Artsakh are most likely  cause by the presence of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at the  event. Head of the International Center for Human Development Tevan  Poghosyan expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

On October 2, the Russian Foreign Minister said in Sochi, "that the  parties are making serious statements that do not help create an  atmosphere of the political process." "There were even such calls  that Karabakh is part of Armenia. Of course, this does not help the  process. But we and the other co-chairs work in unison, here, thank  God, this is probably one of the few situations where we have a  common vision, we have basic documents - we don't want to revise  them, we want to look for a solution based on these basic principles,  which have been discussed many times, but we need to find a solution  through a direct dialogue, of course, "Lavrov said.

"The fact of the presence of the President of Azerbaijan could well  prompt Russian diplomat Lavrov to make this, let's say, an unbalanced  statement in order to stimulate negotiations in Sochi in the  interests of Russia. At the same time, he tried to speak from a  mediator's position about the disturbing events around Artsakh.  However, as a co-chair, equidistant from the parties of the conflict,  the Russian minister should from time to time comment also on Ilham  Aliyev's intentions to conquer Yerevan reinforced by militaristic  statements of Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov, " the analyst said.

In any case, the expert believes that taking such a statement by the  Russian minister so seriously, given the place and the conditions in  which it was made, was the most incorrect approach by Armenia.  According to Poghosyan, the Russian minister is well aware that the  militaristic statements of Hasanov and Aliyev significantly harm the  negotiations. In this light, he sees the need for a more balanced  position of the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as  the representative of the mediating country of the OSCE Minsk Group.

"We must clearly understand that the Artsakh problem will not be  solved by statements made by the co- chairing countries. These  statements were, are and will be of a completely different nature. We  need to strengthen the country, strengthen statehood, form powerful  Artsakh. If we can stimulate and develop science , the army, the  military industry, the problem will be solved in our favor. The  solution to Artsakh is not in the statements, but in our  determination, readiness to protect national interests at all costs.  We have a long way to go in this direction, "the expert summed up.   On October 3, Spokeswoman for the Armenian Foreign Ministry Anna  Naghdalyan emphasized the importance of avoiding selective and  one-sided assessments by the co-chairing countries. She also  characterized Baku's allegations that the issue should be resolved  "exclusively within the framework of the territorial integrity of  Azerbaijan" as not contributing to the formation of an appropriate  atmosphere for advancing the peace process.

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