Thursday, September 26 2019 11:53
David Stepanyan

Analyst: In the pursuit of sensationalism, national security must be  kept in mind

Analyst: In the pursuit of sensationalism, national security must be  kept in mind

ArmInfo.Armenian, like any other society, experiences an irresistible craving for sensations. But, in my opinion, in the pursuit of sensations, we need to remember  the national security of our country. A similar opinion was expressed  by ArmInfo Chairman of the International Center for Human Development  Tevan Poghosyan.

"The resignation of the director of the National Security Council and  all the accompanying processes are directly linked to the field of  national security. In this light, any assessments and comments should  be carefully weighed, they need to be carefully checked. Considering  that, let's say, countries unfriendly to us can take advantage of our  internal problems , we need to approach such issues with a greater  degree of responsibility, "the analyst is convinced.

Poghosyan is convinced that the current situation is one of those in  which it is necessary to exercise patience, waiting for clarification  of reality. In this light, in his opinion, the public needs to ask  the question - is the chewing of this situation really based on the  interests of Armenia?  "For example, I'm more interested in the  results of the New York meeting of the foreign ministers of Armenia  and Azerbaijan. The diversion activity of the Azerbaijani military,  the situation around Artsakh in general. It should be understood that  our country is at war. Many people don't feel it, but it's like that  Accordingly, it seems to me that we all need to ask more questions  like this and think about real, rather than secondary issues, "the  analyst summed up.

After the resignation of the Director of the National Security  Council on September 16, a polemic broke out between him and Prime  Minister Pashinyan, with mutual accusations and reproaches. In  particular, Vanetsyan told the media that after his resignation,  Pashinyan continued to send people to him with a request to "remain  silent for a certain time" in order to calm the situation. At the  same time, according to him, Pashinyan himself violates his own  agreements. Vanetsyan also assessed the prime minister's military  skills and knowledge as superficial, in fact stipulating that  Pashinyan did not serve in the army. 


Исходя из создающейся ситуации, нетрудно усмотреть, что недорозумения и склоки в армянской среде могут представлять для армян, проживающих именно в Армении и Карабахе большую опасность, чем внешние угрозы. Ведь так уже случалось не раз. Неужели мы осуждены на это и на этот раз

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