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Asya Balayan

Arthur Vanetsyan: Do not try to fish in troubled waters

Arthur Vanetsyan: Do not try to fish in troubled waters

ArmInfo.Since September 16, former director of the National Security Service Arthur Vanetsyan said today that he does not see the need to comment on the text of  his resignation, but if such a need arises in the future, he will  make comments.

Talking to reporters, Vanetsyan called not to try to  fish in troubled waters and not to draw him into these games.  The  former director of the NSS also spoke about the inspiration of the  previous authorities, which has been observed since yesterday, saying  that these people should remain in their political past and not try  to interfere in his relations with the current authorities.

"We know what kind of relationships we have, and we know how to  continue them, "he said.

Arthur Vanetsyan also said that in the near future he will  concentrate on his duties as president of the Football Federation of  Armenia, since the Armenian team will hold two important matches in  the near future.  

Yesterday, head of the NSS, Arthur Vanetsyan dismissed. The statement was published on the official website of the NSS.  <State building has its own logic: spontaneous decisions,  groundless actions, the style of not distinguishing between primary  and secondary, transient from eternal, is not the path that leads to  the implementation of goals. This has nothing to do with the dignity  of an officer. Epaulettes of an officer and a similar course of  events are incompatible. Let my resignation be a sobering step  <Stop!>. In all other cases, debt to the homeland will prevail>, in  particular, Vanetsyan said in a statement. 

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