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David Stepanyan

MP: Vanetsyan`s resignation may have 100 reasons

MP: Vanetsyan`s resignation may have 100 reasons

ArmInfo.The resignation, as well as the text of the statement by the director of the National Security Service, Vanetsyan, can have 100 reasons. Suren Grigoryan, a  deputy from the parliamentary faction of the My Step bloc, expressed  a similar opinion at parliamentary briefings.  

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced the resignation of Vanetsyan on  September 16. After that, Vanetsyan himself announced his  resignation, noting in his statement that "spontaneous decisions,  sweeping actions, the absence of differences between the primary and  secondary are not the path that leads to the achievement of goals."  Armenian President Armen Sargsyan has already signed a decree on  dismissing Vanetsyan from the post of head of the National Security  Service.

"All this could be due to tense relations. The fact that Mr.  Vanetsyan finds that the authorities are not able to distinguish the  main from the secondary. The authorities, in turn, believe that it is  endowed with such an ability," he said.

In this light, Grigoryan believes that doing fortune-telling about  the reasons for the dismissal of the director of the SNB is a  thankless task. The parliamentarian himself, in his own words, is not  interested in this question, he is fully satisfied with the answers  already given. "If the prime minister does not share the details,  this means that information is not subject to publication," the  deputy emphasized.

In turn, his colleague in the parliamentary fraction of the My Step  bloc, Arusyak Dzhulakyan, expressed her conviction that Vanetsyan  simply did not live up to the expectations of the political majority. 

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