Monday, September 16 2019 13:37
Asya Balayan

In Arart region, three people were burned alive after collision of a  passenger car and  "KamAZ" 

In Arart region, three people were burned alive after collision of a  passenger car and  "KamAZ" 

ArmInfo. A terrible accident  occurred on Monday night in the Ararat region. In the collision of  "KamAZ" with a BMW car, three people were burned alive.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia, on  September 16 at 4: 01am the service <911> received a message that a  fire accident occurred on the 59 km of the Yerevan-Meghri highway in  the village of Surenavan in the Ararat region: there are victims,  help is needed from rescuers.

Two combat crews of the fire and rescue detachment of the regional  rescue department of the SS Ministry of Emergencies and the  operational group of the regional rescue department left for the  scene. The fire was localized at 4: 20 am, extinguished at 4: 46 am.

As the internet portal reports with reference to  eyewitnesses, the driver was returning from Iran, and his passengers  were a mother and daughter, who lived in the village of Proshyan,  Kotayk region.

<The fire spread within a few seconds, rescuers within two minutes  reached the incident location, but could not do anything. After the  fire was extinguished, we learned that 3 people were burned>, said  the local people.

The driver and passenger of a "KamAZ" automobile (Razmik A., born in  1962 and Gevorg S., born in 1995) were hospitalized in the medical  center of Ararat, where doctors rated the condition of the victims as  satisfactory.

Rescuers removed from the car <BMW> the bodies of the dead driver  Varos M., and passengers Kristine M (born in 1968), and Lusine M.  (born in 1990).

A criminal case has been instituted on the fact of the accident on  the grounds of part 3 of Article 242 (violation of the rules of the  road and the operation of vehicles, resulting in the death of two or  more people through negligence) of the Criminal Code of the Republic  of Armenia.

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