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Expert: Moscow is gradually starting to consider Armenia a partner  rather than a colony

Expert: Moscow is gradually starting to consider Armenia a partner  rather than a colony

ArmInfo. Moscow is gradually  starting to consider Armenia as a partner, ally, rather than a  colony. In any case, precisely such trends have been observed over  the past year.  Former lawmaker of the Armenian parliament, expert on  foreign policy issues Azat Arshakyan expressed a similar opinion to  ArmInfo.

"In the Armenian-Russian relations, the process of clarification is  underway today, the essence of which, in my opinion, is the gradual  abandonment of Russia's colonist status with regard to Armenia. This  is the result of a change of power in our country. Moscow agreed with  the expulsion of its proteges from power and now we should seek  economic freedom from Russia, "he said.

Arshakyan connects such expectations with the international  situation, Russia's actual isolation and the sanctions regime. In the  expert's opinion, this situation forces Moscow to seek for allies. In  order to gain allies Russia, according to his estimates, needs to  abandon the previous approaches in relation to neighboring and other  countries.

According to the expert, in this light, the process of adjusting the  Armenian-Russian relations in the direction of changing the status of  Armenia from a Russian colony to a partner country will continue.   Arshakyan considers the October visit of the President of Russia to  Armenia as part of this process, although he does not consider that  Vladimir Putin was its initiator. According to him, Putin's  recognition of Armenia's sovereignty even at the existing level is  the result of the enforcement of the civilized world rather than his  own desire.  "Of course, this enforcement is not conditioned or  addressed only to Armenia. Sanctions against Russia, its  international isolation are part of the general process, the policy  of the collective West in relation to a country that violates  international treaties. We must understand that the same exchange of  prisoners in Ukraine has also become a forced humanitarian act  imposed on Moscow by Europe and the USA.  Accordingly, we should  expect similar trends in the attitude of Russia towards Armenia,  "Arshakyan summed up. 

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