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David Stepanyan

Politician: Kocharian must and he will bear responsibility for crimes  against the people

Politician: Kocharian must and he will bear responsibility for crimes  against the people

ArmInfo. Robert Kocharyan  must and he  will bear responsibility for the crimes committed  against the people. I think that precisely on September 12 he should  realize that the people would not forgive him, would not forgive the  fact that they were shot by his order.  Levon Zurabyan, Deputy  Chairman of the Armenian National Congress Party, expressed a similar  opinion to ArmInfo.

On September 12, a trial begins against the former president of  Armenia Robert Kocharyan, during which the prosecution will announce  the full text of the crimes of which he is charged.

"On September 12, Kocharyan will fully feel that he is dealing with  people demanding justice. We will also be present in court on this  day and urge our fellow citizens to join this important initiative.  Society must demonstrate to the court that it expects justice, "he  stressed.

However, Zurabyan did not rule out the possibility of pressure and  influence on the Armenian authorities from Moscow in connection with  the Kocharyan case. According to him, small countries like Armenia  often have to implement flexible policies that take into account,  among other things, the state interests of superpowers. However,  according to Zurabyan's conviction, the Kocharyan's case is in no way  connected with the state interests of Russia, being a purely internal  matter of Armenia.

"Accordingly, we are the one who should make decisions, it is only  our people who must do that. It is for us to decide what our country  should be, what our justice should be. And no one should shoot  people, violate the rights of citizens en masse, commit other crimes  and remain with impunity, " Zurabyan summed up.

To recall, on June 26, 2018, the Special Investigation Service of  Armenia charged Kocharyan with the overthrow of the constitutional  system in the framework of the criminal case on the dispersal of  protests on March 1, 2008. The former president is also charged with  receiving bribes on an especially large scale.  Kocharyan believes  the charges are fabricated and politically motivated. In 2018, he was  arrested and released twice, and at the end of June he was arrested  for the third time. 

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