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David Stepanyan

Forecast: Turkey will change its policy towards Armenia in the near  future

Forecast: Turkey will change its policy towards Armenia in the near  future

ArmInfo.  I am sure that as  soon as external factors allow Ankara to change its policy towards  Armenia without tangible material, political and reputation losses,  the Turks will do so. A well-known Azerbaijani political scientist, a  participant in the civil peace process between Armenia and  Azerbaijan, Zardusht Alizadeh expressed a similar opinion to ArmInfo.

"Turkey's support of Azerbaijan's positions in the Karabakh conflict  is a rather complicated phenomenon.  In my opinion, Ankara takes this  position under pressure from Baku and another influential country  that has effective levers of pressure on Armenia's foreign policy. In  this light, I am convinced that Turkey will change vector policy  towards Armenia soon, "he noted.

According to the political scientist, Ankara's only complaint with  regard to Yerevan is the policy of genocide inspired by external  forces. In his opinion, this brings only harm to Armenia itself, but  it provides Turkey's partners with quite good trump cards in the game  against the "ally-enemy".

Commenting on the regular, fourth military exercises this year in  Azerbaijan held jointly with Turkey and Georgia, Alizadeh assessed  them as "maneuvers", which he considers along with the latest  "intensification of the activities of the Minsk Group co-chairs".  According to him, Turkey does not have any need to create a military  base on the territory of Azerbaijan in Nakhichevan at a distance of  only a few kilometers from its own territory.  "Ankara has absolutely  no reason to scare Armenia with this base, since Turkey is seeking  reconciliation and rapprochement with it. There is no need to  frighten Russia, with which the Turks stubbornly build strong and  mutually beneficial relations, including in the military field.  Moreover, Turkey is never going to fight against Russia. In this  light, Ankara's military base in Nakhichivan is unnecessary,  "Alizadeh concluded.  On September 2, joint command and staff  exercises of the military from Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia  Eternity-2019 started in Baku, the purpose of which is to develop  measures to protect transport and energy infrastructure projects with  the participation of three countries. Three countries have been  conducting the Caucasian Eagle exercises since 2009. According to the  statement of the Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan Zakir Hasanov, in  2019 Turkey and Azerbaijan are going to conduct 13 joint exercises,  to which Georgia is invited. 

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