Tuesday, September 10 2019 17:00
Asya Balayan

"Sanitek" employees held a protest rally in front of Yerevan  Municipality with a demand to pay them salaries and guarantee  employment

"Sanitek" employees held a protest rally in front of Yerevan  Municipality with a demand to pay them salaries and guarantee  employment

ArmInfo.  On September 10, "Sanitek  employees held a protest rally in front of the Yerevan Municipality.  They complain that the Municipality didn't transfer the amounts  stipulated by the agreement to Sanitek, the company that is the  monopoly operator for garbage collection and cleaning of the capital.  As a result, the company was unable to pay salaries for August about  600 people.

Employees of the company, require a formal request for employment  from the capital's Municipality and compensation for unpaid amounts.  According to the protesters, the company's directorate does not tell  them anything about their next steps.

According to available information, the Sanitek waste collection  operator, which has accumulated significant debts and failed to  properly fulfill its obligations under the agreement with the mayor's  office, is leaving the Yerevan market as bankrupt.  Press Secretary  of the Mayor of Yerevan Hakob Karapetyan, referring to the protests  of the employees of "Sanitek", treated their needs with understanding  and advised the audience to turn directly to the management of the  company on the issue of salaries. The mayor's office offered all  employees to find jobs in the relevant municipal services.

From now on, taking into account the fact that the Armenian branch of  Sanitek LLC and Sanitek International LLC are not fulfilling their  contractual obligations regarding the services provided throughout  the administrative territory of Yerevan, garbage collection and  sanitation services will be carried out in 12 administrative  districts of Yerevan with the help of formed by the mayor's office of  "Garbage collection and sanitary cleaning in Yerevan" and waste  disposal. The measure was taken to resolve the garbage crisis in the  capital of Armenia. A large number of additional equipment and new  containers have already been brought into the city.

The mayor's office said that at the moment there is no cooperation  with <Sanitek>, all negotiations have been suspended.

It should be reminded that in February a criminal case was filed  regarding tax evasion against the companies Sanitek International and  Sanitek Armenia. At the same time, the director of the company,  Nicholas Tavil, said that the criminal case has a political  connotation, and its goal is to "seize the property of a private  enterprise".

Problems with the removal of household waste in Yerevan began in the  summer of 2018, and in the spring of 2019, Sanitek company was fined  twice for failure to fulfill obligations, for a total of a small  amount of AMD 40 million, while monthly, according to the agreement,  the municipality transferred about 5 billion drams to the company's  account. Residents of Yerevan were extremely outraged by the  accumulated garbage throughout the city and the inaction of the  relevant services.

Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan repeatedly publicly expressed  dissatisfaction with the work of "Sanitek" company, stressing that  Yerevan residents will no longer tolerate work of this quality.

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