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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Shavarsh Kocharyan spoke about preparations for EAEU and  Armenian-Russian relations

Shavarsh Kocharyan spoke about preparations for EAEU and  Armenian-Russian relations

ArmInfo.Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan assured that the preparations for the meeting of the Supreme Council of the Eurasian Economic Union  (EAEU) in Yerevan are underway as usual. Kocharyan said this in the  parliament in an interview with reporters.

So, to the remark of journalists that there are fears that the  meeting will be postponed to Moscow for a number of factors, as, for  example, in April 2016, or the Russian president will cancel the  visit, Kocharyan replied that he was not authorized to comment on  various rumors and assumptions. "The decision to hold the next  meeting was made by the heads of state of all countries, and it will  be held on schedule. We did not invite the leaders of the EAEU member  countries, including Russian leader Vladimir Putin, to this event to  wait for confirmation of the visit. This is a joint decision and the  event will be held in Armenia under the chairmanship of the RA. The  issue of the arrival of a leader should not be raised at all, I don't  understand why this issue is being artificially discussed, "Kocharyan  said adding that it's another matter that the President of Iran, the  Prime Minister of Singapore, the President of Moldova, having  observer status in the Organization, and they were expected to  confirm participation in the event, and it was received.

Touching upon the Armenian-Russian relations, to clarify the  journalist, is it possible to consider that a certain regression was  recorded in bilateral friendly relations, the deputy minister  expressed his conviction that relations between Armenia and Russia  are so multifaceted that it is impossible to speak on separate  episodes. "Of course, the revolution in Armenia could not be welcomed  by the Russian elite for a simple reason, the structure of the state  has changed. Russia must reckon with the fact that the Prime Minister  is represented in the High Council, and not the president. There are  differences that take time to comprehend, ", said the Deputy Foreign  Minister of the Republic of Armenia, adding that it's natural that  there are problems in the Armenian-Russian relations on certain  issues, but they do not affect the general atmosphere of cooperation.  At the same time, Kocharyan assured that the presence of certain  issues in relations is a normal phenomenon inherent in all states,  and cited disagreements between the EU and the US in the spring of  this year as an example. "But, the disagreement between the US and  the EU does not mean that they are not allies," he said.

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