Tuesday, August 27 2019 12:51
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Armenian Foreign Minister spoke about the quality of relations with  the EU and the USA, as well as neighbors Georgia and Iran

Armenian Foreign Minister spoke about the quality of relations with  the EU and the USA, as well as neighbors Georgia and Iran

ArmInfo.Being an integral part of European culture and civilization, Armenia continues to deepen its relations with the EU and with all countries of the  European continent. Armenian Foreign Minister Zohrab Mntsakanyan  stated on August 27 at the annual meeting of the heads of the central  apparatus and bodies of the foreign diplomatic service of the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia.

"For cooperation with the EU on the basis of the Comprehensive and  Enhanced Partnership Agreement, political dialogue, assistance to  state structures and democratic reforms in the Republic of Armenia,  as well as sectoral cooperation are important. We attach importance  to the role of the EU in regional development projects. We also  attach importance to strengthening and developing our interaction  with EU member states. From this point of view, I would like to focus  on the scale of relations with France and Germany, "Mnatsakanyan  said, adding that in the context of relations with European countries  he would also like to highlight the formation of a tripartite format  of Armenia-Greece-Cyprus cooperation.

The Armenian Foreign Minister also touched upon relations with the  United States and emphasized that this country played an important  role in the life of the republics from the first days of independence  in the established security environment, having an important  involvement in ensuring regional security. "We highly appreciate the  economic and financial assistance of the United States, which  significantly contributed to the establishment of socio-economic  stability in the early years of independence. We are confident that  the platform for strategic dialogue with the United States contains  new opportunities for expanding and deepening cooperation," he said.

The Foreign Minister also touched upon the neighbors of Armenia -  Georgia and Iran, assuring that these two countries are essential in  the foreign policy priorities of the republic, and relations with  them are based on centuries-old historical good neighborly experience  and are important from the point of view of regional security and  development. According to the Armenian minister, the development of  relations with these two countries contributes to the expansion of  energy and transport interaction and diversification. 

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