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Asya Balayan

Yerkir Tsirani: Nikol Pashinyan suffered the first defeat in  the issue of development of the Amulsar mine

Yerkir Tsirani: Nikol Pashinyan suffered the first defeat in  the issue of development of the Amulsar mine

ArmInfo.Proclaiming himself a revolutionary of non-violent and velvet revolution, Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, expressing his position on the issue of  exploitation of the Amulsar mine, suffered his first defeat. This is  stated in the statement of the "Yerkir Tsirani" party.

The statement notes that the issue around the operation of the  Amulsar mine for the first time after the events of April-May 2018  led to a clash of interests between the general public and the  government in making a revolutionary decision that is associated with  systemic problems.

<The Government of the Republic of Armenia, having justified facts  and arguments, is in no hurry with a final refusal in the issue of  exploiting the Amulsars mine. Amulsar's question is that watershed  that, in Armenian statehood, can cut off the clash of  authoritarianism with the government, and lead to a deep democratic  process in society-power relations, formulate an independent economic  policy that is not based on mining priority, "the statement  continued. According to the "Yerkir Tsirani" party, the transaction  on the development of Amulsar is clearly a corruption agreement, one  of the parties to this transaction is the former authorities  represented by the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan and the  current government represented by the President of Armenia Armen  Sarkissian.

<Armen Sarkissian hid the fact that he was a director with wide  powers in Lydian, and also had the right to make decisions at a  meeting of shareholders of the company. In addition, Armen  Sarkissian, who took office of the President of Armenia in violation  of the law, did not speak to the general public with a transparent  explanation about his citizenship>, the statement said. The fact that  the permission to develop Amulsar occurred as a result of a  corruption transaction is obvious and undeniable, the party believes,  adding that this transaction should be the subject of investigation  by law enforcement agencies. <It is incomprehensible and strange that  the self-proclaimed revolutionary Nikol Pashinyan avoided open  discussion with the general public about this problem, breaking the  promise to go to Jermuk and hold discussions there. Pashinyan  preferred to hold a meeting behind closed doors on Baghramyan 26,  which is a symbol of dictatorship, and preferred to turn Baghramyan  Avenue again into a place of violence, "the party added.

According to "Yerkir Tsirani", the continuation of such a behavioral  line by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan  will confirm that he is also a supporter of this corruption deal and  replenishes the ranks of former dictators.

"During the one and a half hour meeting on a vital issue, Pashinyan  acted as a defender and lawyer for Lydian, despite the fact that the  developing of the Amulsar mine could lead to terrible consequences  for the nation and the state," the party said, noting that he had  proclaimed himself a non-violent and revolutionary the velvet  revolution, the head of government suffered his first defeat. 

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