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Naira Badalian

Salaries increased for military personnel from June 1: to whom  exactly and to what extent did Nikol Pashinyan tell

Salaries increased for military personnel from June 1: to whom  exactly and to what extent did Nikol Pashinyan tell

ArmInfo. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan presented specific indicators allowingdetermine the change in real wages for military personnel after June 1, 2019 - the entry into force of the decision of the Government of the Republic of  Armenia on increasing the monetary allowance for the military.

So, according to the recording of the prime minister on his Facebook  page, the regiment commander's salary increase was 23 thousand drams  or 7%, the same allowance was increased by 7% or 20 thousand drams to  his deputy, the battalion commander will receive 12% or 85 thousand  drams more, and the salary of the company commander increased by 18%  or 96 thousand drams, the platoon commander - by 18% or 72 thousand  drams more. Starting from June 1, the salary of the senior ensign was  increased by 38 thousand drams or 18%, and the monetary contract was  increased by 18% or 30 thousand drams for the ordinary contractor. At  the same time, as the head of government notes, these figures give  only an approximate idea of the real increase in the salary of  military personnel, since depending on the nature of the service,  rank, these indicators can fluctuate in the direction of decrease or  increase.

 This issue will be quickly resolved, and their salary will be raised  retroactively - from June 1, 2019>, wrote Nikol Pashinyan.As early as  May 8, Nikol Pashinyan stated at the big press conference on the  first anniversary of the assumption of the Prime Minister of the  Republic of Armenia that a lot has been done over the year of the new  cabinet's activities. So, taking into account tax revenues to the  budget in the first quarter of this year, the government revised its  expectations for tax revenues by 62 billion drams or $ 129 million by  the end of the year. Due to exceeding the tax revenues, we managed to  increase the expenditure items of the budget. In particular, it was  reported that from June 1, monetary allowance for military personnel  will be increased by 20-30%, and from September 1, teachers' salaries  will be increased. Another 5.7 billion drams will be used to provide  housing for the military.

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