Monday, August 19 2019 16:30
Naira Badalian

In Yerevan, six activists opposed to exploitation of Amulsar Mine was  detained 

In Yerevan, six activists opposed to exploitation of Amulsar Mine was  detained 

ArmInfo.Today, on August 19 Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held discussions on the issues related to the Amulsar Mine, the press service of the head of government reports.

The discussion was attended by members of the government, heads of  interested departments, members of the Council of Elders of the city  of Jermuk, residents of the communities of Gorayk, Zaritap and  Jermuk, representatives of educational and health institutions,  environmentalists.

The head of government presented the work carried out in the  framework of the criminal case under the program of the Amulsar Mine,  touched on the opinion of international experts and its analysis. The  Prime Minister said that this morning he held a meeting with  representatives of government agencies, during which issues related  to the Amulsar Mine were discussed.

Then Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan answered a number of questions of  the participants.

It should be noted that the discussion with all interested parties on  the issue of Amulsar and with the participation of representatives of  the Investigative Committee recently ended at the Presidential  residence.

To note, after a discussion with the Prime Minister, activists,  ecologists and residents of the city of Jermuk, who opposed the  exploitation of the Amulsar gold deposit, expressed dissatisfaction  with the meeting. A spokesman for the Prime Minister, Vladimir  Karapetyan, said in a conversation with reporters that the Prime  Minister told the meeting that there is currently no reason for  Lydian Armenia to stop operating the Amulsar Gold Mine. Regarding the  question whether they see the need for a new examination, Vladimir  Karapetyan replied: "At the moment, we see no reason to conduct a new  examination." Further, activists in protest decided to block  Baghramyan Avenue, many moved to the building of the National  Assembly of Armenia. They were going to hold a protest in the  National Park, but law enforcement forces blocked their path. "Red  berets" pulled in place the brawl took place between the police and  the protesters. Law enforcement forces began to drive activists.   According to the Police, for the failure to comply with the legal  requirements of the police officers, six citizens were detained.   Meanwhile, in these minutes in the office of the "Civil Contract"  party Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan and the Mps of the  "My Step" faction held closed discussion.

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