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Ani Mshetsyan

Chinnari village will not be fired anymore

Chinnari village will not be fired anymore

ArmInfo. Chinnari village will not be fired anymore.  President of the National Assembly of RA Ararat Mirzoyan, wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"The security of the gas pipeline entering Armenia is also ensured.   Glory to the Armenian soldier, glory to the Armenian army," Mirzoyan  wrote.

Earlier, MP from the My Step bloc Gayane Abrahamyan noted that the  Armenian military recaptured 140 hectares, three strategically  important positions, from where they also managed to control the  Chinari village, the Armenian-Georgian gas pipeline and the  Armenian-Georgian road.

Khonarashat Temple, located near the village of Chinari, which has  not been functioning since the 13th century, since the nearby road  was dangerous, will be reopened, as the armed forces of Armenia now  control this road, "the MP emphasized. Earlier, a number of Armenian  media reported that the Armenian Armed Forces have achieved major  military strategic success on the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border  in the Tavush region, according to sources, in this case we are  talking about the most northeastern corner of the country, located at  the junction of the borders of three states in - Armenia, Azerbaijan  and Georgia, a territory located northeast of the villages of  Berdavan and Zorakan, Tavush region. 

Units of the 3rd Army Corps under the command of Colonel Khachaturov  Grigory Yurevich managed to free and / or withdraw from enemy control  about 140 hectares of historical Armenian territory. In some areas,  the advancement of our fighters amounted to more than 1.5 kilometers.   In addition, the long-suffering gas pipeline leading to Armenia and  passing through the "neutral territory" is now under the full control  of the Armenian forces. As a result of successful actions, the armed  forces of Armenia managed to thwart a major enemy provocation, which  aimed to establish control over part of the highway of national  importance leading from Armenia to Georgia.

Moreover, as a result of the unexpected advance of the Armenian  troops for the enemy, the situation in this section of the state  border has now changed dramatically. Now, from the dominant positions  occupied by the Armenian forces, the strategic highway leading from  Azerbaijan to Georgia was already under direct control. Also in the  affected area was the village of Ikinci Shykhly of the Qazakh  (Khalkhal) region of the republic, located on the border with  Georgia, with all its sown areas and rural pastures. But this is not  all: the second direction was the village of Chinari in the Tavush  region of Armenia, which was repeatedly subjected to enemy firing and  sabotage attacks. In this direction, our fighters managed to master  three key heights and, finally, ensure the safety of the village and  its inhabitants. This operation also made it possible to lift the  blockade from the long-suffering monastery complex of Khoranashat  (13th century), located northeast of Chinari, "the Armenian media  reported.

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