Saturday, August 17 2019 13:30
Alexandr Avanesov

First skyscraper to be built in Yerevan

ArmInfo. A multifunctional complex will be built in the capital of Armenia. On August 19, a memorandum of intent will be signed between Laura Investment LLC  (Armenia) and Bayonne Engineering Consulting LLC (United Arab  Emirates), which are involved in the implementation of the project.

Minister of Emergency Situations Feliks Tsolakyan, Minister of  Economy Tigran Khachatryan, Minister of Territorial Administration  and Infrastructure Suren Papikyan, Chief Architect of Yerevan Arthur  Meshchyan, and other officials will attend the signing ceremony.

According to Laura Investment LLC, the construction of the complex  will take 5-6 years, the project will cost $ 250 million. According  to the project, the height of the Unforgettable complex will be 270  meters and 71 floors. During the construction process, 2500 temporary  new jobs will be created during the implementation of the project,  and 1300 on an ongoing basis.

Designs developed by Bayonne Engineering Consulting LLC were  implemented in Armenia, Germany, the USA and the Russian Federation.  Among its architectural solutions include the construction of the  Portland Bridge in Oregon, the construction of a bridge over the San  Francisco Bay, the Alta Key skyscraper in Chicago and many other  large residential and multifunctional buildings and complexes.


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