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Naira Badalian

Armen Ashotyan`s driver detained on suspicion of facilitating theft  on an especially large scale

Armen Ashotyan`s driver detained on suspicion of facilitating theft  on an especially large scale

ArmInfo. In the framework of the criminal case investigated by the Special Investigation Service (CCC) of Armenia on suspicion of facilitating the theft of property on a large and especially large scale through embezzlement, the driver of  RPA deputy chairman Armen Ashotyan, Aram Barseghyan, was detained.

According to the press service of the SIS,  during 2009-2016,  Barseghyan, occupying the post of driver of the Minister of Education  and Science of Armenia Armen Ashotyan, and then as an assistant,  using his official position, influence and connections, was illegally  registered in the Armenian-Greek College SNCO tourism, services and  food industry of Yerevan "as a watchman and worker, in 2011-2016.  -  in the SNCO MES "Regional State College of Kotayk" as a driver, and  since March 2016 - after the dismissal of Ashotyan from his post,  through the latter, during 2016-2017. was issued at the State  Economic University of Armenia SNCO.Thus, during 2009-2017, being executed on the indicated staff units,  not fulfilling the relevant duties, he continued to perform the  duties of driver and assistant Ashotyan. As a result, the salary  amounted to 8.734.118 drams, which contributed to the embezzlement of  these funds from the state treasury by the heads of the above SNCOs.   The investigation is ongoing. Measures are being taken to clarify the  circle of persons involved in criminal activity.  It should be noted  that Armen Ashotyan himself wrote on his Facebook page that that he  and his relatives are being punished by the authorities of the  country. According to the politician, when he saw that he couldn't  sew the case, the authorities decided to take up his friends and  relatives. "Listen to me carefully, if you want to settle scores with  me, then deal directly with me. Touching my friends and relatives is  mean, not manly and immoral. But legally, it's also vulnerable," the  RPA deputy chairman noted.

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