Wednesday, August 14 2019 17:30
Tatevik Shahunyan

Armenian IC claims: A soldier which is located on the Azerbaijani side did not have bodily injuries before being captured

Armenian IC claims: A soldier which is located on the Azerbaijani side did not have bodily injuries before being captured

ArmInfo. According to the materials of the criminal case investigated by the Investigative Committee of Armenia, the Armenian soldier Arayik Ghazaryan which is located on the Azerbaijani side as of 10:30 on August 12, i.e. prior to  leaving the combat situation, he had no bodily injuries either in the  occipital part of the head, or in the lower legs, or on other parts  of the body.

As for the injuries on the left hand (which are visible in the  photographs made public by the Azerbaijani side, Ed. nota), According  to the IC, on July 24 of this year, Ghazaryan transfered from the  military unit to the Martuni military hospital where, under local  anesthesia, he removed the corns of the 2nd finger of the left hand,  as recorded in the register of outpatients in a military hospital.   Ghazaryan also informed about the above to his brother, who is a  solider in the Armed Forces.  The preliminary investigation in the  criminal case continues.  It should be noted that a few hours after  Ghazaryan fell on the Azerbaijani side, the Armed Forces of the AR  published photos showing bruises of the occipital side of the head,  scratches on the legs, and injuries to the left hand. But the  photographs do not show the face of the serviceman himself.

On August 12, at about 12:00, on the defensive site of one of the  military units of the Armed Forces, deployed in the southeastern  direction, the military soldier Arayik Aikovich Ghazaryan born in  2000 left the battlefield Subsequently, the Azerbaijani media  reported that Ghazaryan is in Azerbaijan. An investigation is  underway to find out the details of the incident. Armenian Defense  Minister David Tonoyan expressed confidence that the serviceman was  on the Azerbaijani side, as he got lost in the area.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan spread information  that the Armenian soldier allegedly left his post because of  inconsistent relations. Light scratches and ordinary scars on  Ghazaryan's body are presented as evidence of violence against him.  However, the NKR Ministry of Defense denied this information, urging  the public not to believe the false accusations of the Azerbaijani  side aimed at humiliating the image of the Armenian soldier, and to  wait for the ongoing investigation, the results of which will be  published.

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