Tuesday, August 13 2019 18:44
Alexandr Avanesov

Construction of a road leading to the border with Russia will begin  in Georgia by the end of the year

Construction of a road leading to the border with Russia will begin  in Georgia by the end of the year

ArmInfo.In a few days, the Georgian authorities will sign an agreement on the construction of a 23-km Kvesheti-Kobi bypass road (Mtskheta-Mtianeti region) leading to the border with Russia, which will begin before the end of this year.  According to TASS, Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze told  reporters on August 13 at a presentation of the results of the  six-month work of the Department of Roads of the Ministry of Regional  Development.

"A document will be signed in a few days and by the end of the year a  project of historical importance will begin - the Kobi-Gudauri  expressway (Kvesheti-Kobi -TASS note). It will be one of the most  difficult engineering structures in Europe with one of the longest  tunnels. Of course, the project needs investments, and they have  already been attracted and [the relevant agreements] have been  signed," Bakhtadze said. The new road construction project involves  laying two-lane asphalt pavement, building six bridges and five  tunnels, one of which will be up to nine kilometres long. The  construction of a 500-meter arch bridge is also planned on the new  road. The length of the arch of the bridge will be 300 meters. The  new road will reduce the path from 1 hour to 20 minutes, and it will  be 12 kilometres shorter than the current one. Today, about 3,500  cars a year move along the old road. It is narrow, with small  tunnels, which often causes a traffic accident. The construction of a  bypass road will increase the traffic capacity, which, as planned by  the authorities, will positively affect the size of Georgia's trade  turnover not only with Russia, but also with Armenia.

The total cost of the project is $ 558.6 million. The Asian  Development Bank (ADB) on August 1 approved a loan of $ 415 million  for the construction of the road. In addition to ADB, the European  Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which will allocate $ 60  million, and the Georgian government, which is ready to invest $ 83.6  million, will participate in the project.

It should be noted that for Armenia, the road through Georgia to  Russia is the only land route for transporting goods and passengers.  The current road is often closed due to avalanches, mudflows and  landslides.

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