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Expert: Washington increases military component of its pressure on  Iran

Expert: Washington increases military component of its pressure on  Iran

ArmInfo.Washington is increasing its military component of pressure on Iran, expert on regional issues Karen Veranyan expressed such an opinion to ArmInfo.  "This is  evidenced by the beginning of the development by the Central Command  of the US Armed Forces of an international operation to protect  shipping in the Middle East.

As far as I understand it, the Trump administration significantly underestimated the capabilities and potential of Iran. This is what caused the White House's confidence  about the possibility of forcing Tehran to compromise through  sanctions.  However we see that this approach is not justified, "he  noted.

As part of the international operation for the protection of shipping  in the Middle East being developed by the Central Command of the US  Armed Forces in order to "provide additional deterrence against the  background of new threats", in particular, it is planned to send 500  troops to Saudi Arabia. Riyadh has already agreed to the deployment  of the US military.

At the same time, Iran, according to Veranyan, quite clearly realizes  its own capabilities, as well as those of the USA. The latest events  around the Persian Gulf and in the Middle East demonstrate Tehran's  determination to counter regional and international challenges. The  latter, according to his estimates, pushes Washington to strengthen  the military component of pressure on Iran.

In Veranyan's view, the United States seeks to limit or completely  prevent Iran's control over transit through the Persian Gulf.  Otherwise, the West may face the prospect of limiting energy  supplies, which will lead to an increase in oil prices, etc. At the  same time, the expert admits that the Trump administration still has  constructive scenarios to attract Tehran into the negotiating field  and thus avoid the military scenario.

"As for mutual rhetoric, it completely fits into the logic of the  latest realpolitik trends. As part of this logic, the United States  applies to Iran all the tools for conducting proxy-hybrid actions.  And any change of emphasis in this rhetoric allows the parties to  experience mutual sentiments and rapid response capabilities to  different situations. Today we see an increase in tension, however,  Trump is refraining from a military scenario. In any case, I estimate  that the scenario of direct American strikes on Iran is unlikely "-  he summed up.

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