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David Stepanyan

Expert: The shoots of Armenia from Nakhijevan is part of global  politics

Expert: The shoots of Armenia from Nakhijevan is part of global  politics

ArmInfo.The shoots of the territory of Armenia from Nakhijevan is a part of global politics. Expert on regional issues Karen Veranyan expressed a similar opinion  to ArmInfo.

On the night of July 17, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces from the  territory of Nakhijevan fired on the village of Yelpin of Vayots Dzor  region of Armenia. On July 16, a fire broke out as a result of  shootings from the territory of Nakhijevan on the  Armenian-Azerbaijani state border.

According to expert estimates, shootings from the territory of  Nakhijevan is part of Recep Erdogan's geopolitical "events". At the  same time, Ankara is accumulating troops on the border with Syria, is  trying to cut the energy axis Greece-Israel-Cyprus operating under  the sponsorship of the United States, and aggravates the situation by  illegal actions in the direction of the water area of Cyprus.  According to Veranyan, these actions are derived from the  contradictions between the West and Turkey. In particular, the  deliveries of Russian C-400 complexes further deepened these  contradictions, up to and including the revision of Ankara's role in  NATO. 

Noting that the EU, in turn, imposed sanctions on Turkey for drilling  in the Cyprus water area, the expert recalled that Brussels is  extremely interested in natural gas reserves in the Eastern  Mediterranean. In particular, the EU plans to complete the  construction of the EastMed gas pipeline by 2025, through which gas  through Israel, Cyprus and Greece will flow to Italy.  "Nakhijevan  and the South Caucasus fall within the framework of this logic,  taking into account the EU's desire to reduce the regional influence  of Ankara and Moscow as far as possible. To these realities should be  added the US efforts to curb Tehran's regional ambitions. In this  light, Turkey is already entering an active period of its own  isolation, that will make this country even more aggressive and  unpredictable ", - concluded the expert. 

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