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Analyst: Armenia has not realized what happened in St. Petersburg

Analyst: Armenia has not realized what happened in St. Petersburg

ArmInfo. Armenia has not realized and has not even tried to understand what happened in St. Petersburg.  In any case, the response of the Armenian public to the International Economic Forum on June 6-8 was limited to the discussion of the quote of the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan posted on the Internet by the press secretary of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Similar opinion was expressed to ArmInfo by Director of the Armenian Center for National and Strategic Studies Manvel Sargsyan.

He recalled, in particular, that on the eve of the forum, the press secretary of the Russian president emphasized that in addition to the head of China in St. Petersburg they were expecting the Armenian prime minister. And as it turned out from the demonstrative signs of goodwill towards Pashinyan and the questions asked to him from all sides in order to try him, Armenia's representative was obviously expected in St. Petersburg for a reason. It can be seen even with the naked eye that a propsal was made to Armenia to occupy a special place in China and Russia's claim to form a comprehensive partnership, "he stressed.

"As a result, the very important political line which is being formed in international politics and which enivisages a quite serious political role for Armenia has remained almost unnoticed. In the meantime, the matter concerns Moscow and Beijing's unprecedented claim to form a comprehensive partnership to strengthen economic global strategies, "he stressed.

According to the analyst's estimates, the luxurious reception, organized by the leadership of the Russian Federation to the President of the PRC Xi Jinping, the statements made in St.  Petersburg leave no doubt about the far-reaching plans of the two countries. Against the background of a gradually intensifying tough trade war between the United States and China, such intentions of Moscow and Beijing can be fateful for the whole world. 

Armenians in this whole situation, in Sargsyan's opinion, should have been particularly interested in the most important signs of benevolence rendered to Armenia by the two superpowers both on the eve and during the forum in St. Petersburg. The statement of Xi Jinping, who described Armenia as the most important partner of China in the "civilization" policy, the visit of the Chinese Foreign Minister to Armenia, the abolition of the visa regime between the two countries, according to his estimates, testifies to the great interest of the Chinese leadership towards Armenia. 

In this light, the analyst noted that in his speeches Prime Minister Pashinyan does not even hide the fact that Armenia really has something to offer in the emerging international alignments. Sargsyan considers it noteworthy that in these discussions there are no other post-Soviet actors who are usually given importance.  In this light, he assumes that in the new perspectives very little hopes are associated with them.

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