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Naira Badalian

David Sanasaryan: Many do not want to see a person of principle in  position of head of State Service of Control 

David Sanasaryan: Many do not want to see a person of principle in  position of head of State Service of Control 

ArmInfo. "I can't say who I'm interfering with, but  I'll say that an attempt is being made to create an emotional  situation that I would say oppose to the Prime Minister," said David  Sanasaryan, head of the State Control Service (SSC), in an interview  with journalists on April 18.

Earlier in the press leaked information that the head of the SSC was  brought in as a suspect in a criminal case against employees of the  department entrusted to him. As a measure of restraint elected on his  own recognizance. It is also reported that a confrontation was held  between Sanasaryan and his department employee Samvel Adyan. As noted  in the media, the authorities have already found a replacement for  Sanasaryan.

According to the head of the SSC, no investigative body dares to  cross out his services to the country or put an end to his good name.  "No structure will be able to associate my name with any corruption,  since I don't tolerate corruption in principle," he assured. David  Sanasaryan confirmed that he testified, but did not indicate in what  procedural status and whether his freedom of movement was restricted.

With a similar question, he urged to turn to the National Security  Service. He said that today there is no question of his suspension  from office. Nevertheless, Sanasaryan noted that a number of  structures are trying to incite him in this way against the head of  government. But he, as Sanasaryan noted, trusts the premier. "I don't  believe that he can carry out political persecution against me," said  Sanasaryan, stressing that he would have resigned otherwise.

When asked who might be interested in this, David Sanasaryan noted  that he would refrain from giving names. <But I note that the SSC,  within its legal powers, may come on its heels to many. Proceeding  from this, many people do not want to see in this position a person  of principle who has not stained himself in anything, "he stressed.

At the same time, to the question of whether the Head of SSC came on  the heels of the National Security Service, he noted that today he  would not talk about his doubts. He promised to turn to them when  they were convinced of their systemic kind.

To recall in the case of tenders for the purchase of equipment for  hemodialysis, the National Security Service previously arrested the  head of the procurement monitoring department of the SSC Samvel  Adyan, the chief specialist of the same department Gevorg Khachatryan  and the accountant of Zorashen LLC Taron Avetisyan. Later, Gevorg  Khachatryan was released from arrest, with regard to him as a measure  of restraint, he was not required to leave.

According to the NSS, the Acting Head of the Procurement Monitoring  Department of SSC Samvel Adyan together with the chief specialist of  the same department Gevorg Khachatryan, having entered into a  preliminary conspiracy, based on personal interest, contrary to the  interests of the service, using his official position, during  2018-2019 illegal intervened in the procedures for the organized  procurement of controlled facilities in order to purchase medical  equipment necessary for the Ministry of Healthcare of Armenia and a  number of medical centers by way of ensuring victory in the announced  tenders of the trade organizations sponsored by them.

And the head of the SSC David Sanasaryan then told journalists that  the arrested employees were qualified specialists, but if their guilt  was proved, they should be punished. The staff of the SSC is accused  of abuse of power by prior agreement with a group of persons, which  led to serious consequences. Officials do not recognize the  accusation against them and claim that they fought against the  monopoly within the framework of the law. 

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