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Tatevik Shahunyan

The Jerusalem Post: Zohrab Mnatsakanyan to visit Israel soon

The Jerusalem Post: Zohrab Mnatsakanyan to visit Israel soon

ArmInfo.Armenian Acting Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan expressed an opinion in an interview with The Jerusalem Post that diplomatic missions of the two  countries will soon be opened in Israel and Armenia. At the same  time, he refrained from answering the question about the possibility  of opening an Armenian diplomatic office in Jerusalem.

Mnatsakanyan also stressed that Armenia is interested in giving a new  quality to relations with Israel. He also stated about the similarity  of the two peoples, and the difference between the Armenians from  their neighbors. "We have an ancient and complicated history," the  Armenian FM said.

  According to Acting Minister, Armenia has so much to offer Israel in  the fields of agriculture, science, technology, education and  innovation - and especially in the area of early childhood education,  he also noted  that he planed on traveling to Israel himself in the  near future to promote joint ventures.

Referring to the issue of the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey,  Mnatsakanyan stated "1.5 million of our people were murdered. But we  do not feel like victims. We are victors because we were not supposed  to be on the surface of this earth. I would not say that we were not  disappointed that the vote didn't take place in the end. We know that  this issue has become a trading chip in your relations with Turkey  and it is very unfortunate," the Acting Minister stressed. 

At the same time he stated, it is well-known, that Israel sold  weapons to Azerbaijan. That doesn't mean that we would not like to  develop realtions with Israel, including in the military field.

"We have an extremely long history with Iran," continues  Mnatsakanyan.  "They are very aware of the cultural contribution  Armenia has had in Iran.  Since we have what could be described at  best as hostile relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan, Iran functions  as an important lifeline channel for us. We have good relations with  many countries, and it's essential for us that our relationship with  one country does not jeopardize our connections with others".

  In turn Dr. Chen Bram, a research fellow at the Truman Institute of  the Hebrew University, stated the need to improve Israel's relations  with Armenia. "On the one hand, Azerbaijan is an important ally for  Israel, and we should not jeopardize this relationship. And of course  relations with Turkey are particularly complex. On the other hand,  maybe Israel can actually help bring about peace between Armenia and  Azerbaijan. Israel should be able to stand up to Azerbaijan and say,  'We are your ally, but we would like to establish relations with  Armenia, too, and you should not view this as a move that will harm  our relations.' This might cause a bit of an uproar at first, but  it's possible to do. I think it's a shame Israel hasn't made such an  effort until now", the expert stated.

Regarding the issue of recognition of the Armenian Genocide, then,  according to Brahm, Israel should take this step 

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