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Armenian political forces discuss and evaluate their prospects for  participation in early parliamentary elections

Armenian political forces discuss and evaluate their prospects for  participation in early parliamentary elections

ArmInfo.The Republican Party of Armenia has not yet discussed the question of whether it will become involved in early elections or not. The vice-speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia, press secretary of the Republican Party, Edward  Sharmazanov, stated this in an interview with ArmInfo correspondent.

The vice-speaker said, however, that, in his opinion, the party  should take part in early parliamentary elections. "I think that the  RPA has something to say, and there is something to do in the  political arena of Armenia. Only that political force cannot  participate in the elections, which have nothing to do in politics,  but this is by no means our case. Regardless the moment the elections  will be held or not, I believe that we must take part in them, "said  Sharmazanov.

The RPA spokesman stressed that the party has a strong and  well-coordinated team, and of course supporters. "I will definitely  express my point of view during the discussions. We will definitely  announce the date of the discussions at the RPA. We just have to  write a program and speak with it at the early elections," the vice  speaker stressed.

As for the chances of the party, Sharmazanov was also optimistic in  this matter. "We have the same chances as those of the Luys bloc,  Prosperous Armenia bloc, the Sasna Tsrer party, the Armenian National  Congress, and so on. We will present our program and see how the  people of Armenia perceive it. Finally, they decide everything It is  the citizens of our country. As far as they approve our program, so  will we be represented in the National Assembly, "the press secretary  of the Republican Party of Armenia concluded.

Iveta Tonoyan, a member of the "Tsarukyan Bloc" parliamentary  faction, a spokesman for Gagik Tsarukyan, said that the Prosperous  Armenia Party would take part in the early elections to the National  Assembly. "We have not yet discussed the question of whether we will  participate in the elections within the framework of the Prosperous  Armenia Party or the bloc, but we will definitely take part in them.   Moreover, I want to note that the head of the party Gagik Tsarukyan  has already instructed the regional structures of the PPA to start  preparatory work for parliamentary elections ",  Tonoyan said. She  also stressed that the upcoming parliamentary elections create a good  competitive environment, and everyone has the opportunity to show  their strength. As for the expectations of the representatives of the  party, Tonoyan said: "Everything is in the hands of our citizens. Our  representation in the National Assembly depends on their position.  The vote of each voter is important for us," the MP concluded.

In turn, the head of the "Enlightened Armenia" party, member of the  Yelk parliamentary faction Edmon Marukyan noted that they will  participate in the early parliamentary elections. Moreover, the party  he represents and the Republic party will appear in the Luys bloc. He  stressed that after the revolution and the elections to the Council  of Elders of Yerevan, it became obvious that the National Assembly  does not express the will of the people, therefore it became  necessary to form a new parliament. "We have always noted that we  welcome early parliamentary elections. We believe that a new  parliament should be formed that will enjoy the trust and love of the  people. We hope that we can create a new country and achieve its  prosperity and development," said the deputy.

In turn, the deputy from the ARF "Dashnaktsutyun" Ruzanna Arakelyan  said that negotiations with the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan are  still ongoing. "The party is not in a hurry to make rash decisions.  In general, we are against rash decisions and elections," she said.

In turn, one of the leaders of the Sasna Tsrer party, Varuzhan  Avetisyan, in an interview with ArmInfo correspondent, noted that the  party intends to participate in early elections. "Moreover, we hope  that we will create a majority in the parliament," Avetisyan assured.  He noted that the question of whether the party would become a party  separately or was not yet discussed as a block. "We have not had time  to discuss this issue in detail, but we will soon make the  appropriate decision," Avetisyan stressed. The latter also noted that  representatives of the party had hope that with the formation of a  new parliament, changes for the better would occur in the country.  "Of course, fundamental changes are not lightning-fast, they occur  gradually. However, I am sure that at least something will change for  the better," said Avetisyan.

In turn, the chairman of the Heritage Party, Armen Martirosyan, also  stated that the party intends to participate in early elections. "Our  party has always welcomed the idea of early elections and yes, we  intend to participate in them. True, we have not yet decided whether  we will participate separately or as a block, we have not yet  discussed this issue," said Martirosyan. He also stressed that the  leadership of the party hopes that its representatives will be able  to apply their knowledge and their strength to build a new and  stronger Armenia. "We hope that we will enter the National Assembly  and will be able to make our efforts for the development of our  country in all spheres," the chairman of Heritage said.

ANC party spokesman Arman Musinyan noted that representatives of the  Armenian National Congress had not yet discussed the issue of  participation in early parliamentary elections. "This decision should  be made by the party's governing body. We have not yet held  discussions on this topic, but we will definitely discuss this issue  in the near future," Musinyan said, but it's difficult to say when  the governing body meeting will take place. "As soon as we hold this  meeting, we will surely make public our decision, "- said the press  secretary of the ANC.

To note, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said earlier that the early  parliamentary elections in Armenia will be held on December 9 or 10.  

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