Minister promises fair and mutually acceptable decision on the law "On temporary incapacity for work"
 Friday, October 31 2014 12:37

The government will adopt a fair and mutually acceptable decision on the law "On temporary incapacity for work", Armenia's Labor Minister, Artem Asatryan, told journalists today. 

Naira Zohrabyan suggests inquiring into financial frauds by wife of ex Finance Minister
 Friday, October 31 2014 11:02

 During parliamentary hearings of Armenia's draft budget 2015 on Friday MP from Prosperous Armenia Party Naira Zohrabyan asked Labor and Social Security Minister Artyom Asatryan about the legislative changes planned in the maternity allowance system. 

New opposition four to start drawing out alterations to Electoral Code
 Friday, October 31 2014 10:08

Starting 3 November, the working group that consists of the members of the parliament from the opposition factions "Heritage", ARFD, Prosperous Armenia Party and Orinats Yerkir party will start drawing out alterations to the Electoral Code, secretary of the Orinats Yerkir faction, Hovannes Markaryan, told journalists today.

Newspaper: New scandal brewing around funded pension in Armenia
 Friday, October 31 2014 09:48

 A new scandal is brewing around the funded pension system that was introduced in Armenia not so long ago, a local "Zhamanak" ("Time") newspaper writes.

Brazilian Film 'Boy and the World' animated film - winner of Armenian Animation Festival ReAnimania
 Friday, October 31 2014 09:47

The winners of the 6th edition of the Yerevan / Armenian Animation Festival ReAnimania were announced Thursday.  The winner of the Festival in the category of Best Animated Film was The Boy And The World (2013 Brazil) by Ale Abreu.

Galust Sahakyan: EEU is an effective platform for resolving of many problems against the background of global economic crisis and political tension
 Friday, October 31 2014 09:46

The Eurasian Economic Union is an effective platform for resolving of many problems at the Eurasian area against the background of global economic crisis and political tension, Speaker of Armenia's National Assembly Galust Sahakyan said  at the 25th session of the Inter-Parliamentary Committee on Cooperation between the parliaments of Armenia and Russia, held in Yerevan. 

Yerevan: Issue of the sale of Russian military hardware to Azerbaijan is always on agenda of Armenian- Russian relations
 Thursday, October 30 2014 16:18

 The issue of the sale of Russian military hardware to Azerbaijan is always on the agenda of the Armenian-Russian relations, Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia Shavarsh Kocharyan told journalists on Thursday.   

Political expert: Ukrainian crisis is re-occurrence of conflicts of early 1990s and 08.08.08 war
 Thursday, October 30 2014 16:14

 The Ukrainian crisis, like a time machine, has taken us back to the period of the post-Soviet conflicts in the early 1990s and to the 08.08.08 war in Georgia, Sergey Minasyan, Deputy Head of the Caucasus Institute, said at today's roundtable in Yerevan.  

View from Yerevan: Ukraine and its two regions are like a suitcase without a handle
 Thursday, October 30 2014 16:12

The way they are today Ukraine and its two regions, Donetsk and Luhanks, are like a suitcase without a handle, Director of the Caucasus Institute Alexander Iskandaryan said during a roundtable discussion on the Ukrainian crisis on Thursday.

Armenia's Deputy FM: As long as Azerbaijan continues to be non-constructive, there will be no progress in Nagorno- Karabakh peace talks
 Thursday, October 30 2014 16:07

 As long as Azerbaijan continues to be non-constructive, there will be no progress in the Nagorno-Karabakh peace talks, Armenia's Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan told journalists on Thursday, when asked to comment on the Paris meeting of the Armenian and Azeri presidents.  

Till Dec 31 2014 Ameriabank will offer 1% bonus for mortgage loan transferred from another bank
 Thursday, October 30 2014 16:05

 Till Dec 31 2014 Ameriabank will offer a 1% bonus for a mortgage loan transferred from another bank. 

AmCham elects Tigran Jrbashyan as its President
 Thursday, October 30 2014 15:12

 On October 28, 2014, American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia (AmCham) held its consecutive Annual General Meeting in Armenia Marriott Hotel. 

Owner of Old Erivan Holding: From moral point of view, my letter to the President is the last step in my fight against Unibank
 Thursday, October 30 2014 15:10

The open letter I have addressed to President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan is the last step in my struggle against Unibank's illegality. I hope that the President is not aware of this case and my letter will help me to call the bank to order, Director General of Old Erivan Holding Manvel Ter-Arakelyan told journalists on Thursday.

Expert: Oligarchs and corruption are an even bigger threat for Armenia's national security than Turkey and Azerbaijan combined
 Thursday, October 30 2014 15:08

Oligarchs and corruption are an even bigger threat for Armenia's national security than Turkey and Azerbaijan combined, Director of the Regional Studies Center Richard Giragosian said during debates in the Caucasus Center on Thursday.

Gevorg Kostanyan: The Shant Harutyunyan case is not politically charged
 Thursday, October 30 2014 15:05

 The Shant Harutyunyan case is not politically charged, Armenia's Prosecutor General Gevorg Kostanyan told journalists on Thursday. 

ProCredit Bank reopens renovated Artashat branch
 Thursday, October 30 2014 15:02

 ProCredit Bank has reopened its renovated Artashat branch (Artashat, 23 Ogostosi St.  21/2).

Sharmazanov: In today's interview Gagik Tsarukyan repeated its speech at Oct 24 rally but in an easily defined form
 Thursday, October 30 2014 13:24

In his today's interview, Leader of the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) Gagik Tsarukyan has actually repeated his speech made at the October 24 rally, but this time he has done it in an easily defined form, Vice Speaker of Armenian Parliament, Spokesman for the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) Eduard Sharmazanov told ArmInfo's correspondent.  

Nikolay Ryzhkov: Nagorno-Karabakh may join EAEU after its final status is determined
 Thursday, October 30 2014 13:15

Russian Co-Chair of the Armenian-Russian Interparliamentary Commission Nikolay Ryzhkov is not inclined to draw any parallels between the NKR and Crimea in the light of accession to the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).  

Prices for meat products may grow in Armenia
 Thursday, October 30 2014 13:14

 Armenian government has been tightening requirements to the buffalo meat import from India. At the same time, it worries about the expected growth of prices for the meat products.

Ardshininvestbank reopens its new and reconstructed Shengavit Branch
 Thursday, October 30 2014 13:13

 Reopening of the modern, reconstructed and convenient "Shengavit" branch of "Ardshininvestbank" CJSC took place on 29th of October 2014 at Yerevan, 32 Garegin Njdeh  street, Yerevan.  


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