An activist of Let's Pay 100 AMD movement is ready to buy all microbus lines in Yerevan and improve quality of public transport services
 Wednesday, July 31 2013 17:48

Armenak Dovlatyan, an activist of the Let's Pay 100 AMD movement is ready to buy all the microbus lines in Yerevan, improve the quality of public transport services and at the same time retain the current tariffs unchanged. Dovlatyan expressed his readiness during the Public Council's hearings in Mashtots Park in Yerevan.     

Head of Public Council of Armenia welcomes fight of Let's Pay 100 AMD movement activists
 Wednesday, July 31 2013 17:47

 During the July 31 hearings in Mashtots Park, Head of the Public Council of Armenia Vazgen Manukyan called on the Let's Pay 100 AMD movement activists to join efforts and to start a fair fight.   

Activists, holding picket in front of Yerevan mayor's office, will set a tent
 Wednesday, July 31 2013 17:04

 Activists, holding picket in front of Yerevan mayor's office, will set a tent, an activist, Argishti Kiviryan, said during today's discussion organized at the territory of the Mashtots park. 

Taron Margaryan does not rule out new raising of variable fare
 Wednesday, July 31 2013 16:03

At today's briefing Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan did not rule out new raising of variable fare.

He said that a commission is being set up to study the created situation in the transport sector. It will also discuss easy conditions of passage for students and socially vulnerable citizens. He also added that a single payment system for the passage with tickets should start functioning. "It is also necessary to find the ways for improvement of the transport services quality", - Margaryan said.

Public Council of Armenia to hold hearings in Mashtots Park
 Wednesday, July 31 2013 11:57

The Public Council of Armenia has accepted the proposal of the Let's Pay 100 AMD movement and will hold the hearings on the transport problems in Mashtots Park on Tuesday.

Palais de l'Elysee responds to Armenia Association
 Wednesday, July 31 2013 11:53

Palais de l'Elysee has responded to the French-Armenian Association's petition regarding adoption of a bill penalizing the Armenian Genocide denial, which was one of French President Francois Hollande's campaign promises.   

According to Nouvelles d'Armenie, after several months of expectation, the Armenia Association received a response from the staff of the French President on July 23.   

Exchange rate of dram against US dollar and EUR
 Wednesday, July 31 2013 11:47

Today, the maximum buying rates at commercial banks of Yerevan were 409 drams for 1 dollar, 541drams for 1 EUR and 12,4 drams for 1 Russian ruble. The minimum selling rates stood at 410 drams for 1 dollar, 544 drams for 1 EUR and 12,5 drams for 1 Russian ruble .                           

Well-known Armenian showman Mark Saghatelyan passes away
 Wednesday, July 31 2013 11:46

The well-known Armenian showman Mark Saghatelyan passed away on Tuesday at 12:30 pm Yerevan time, Nairi Medical Center told ArmInfo. To note, on July 30 Saghatelyan was taken to Nairi Medical Center with a diagnosis of acute leukemia.  

Member of PACE Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination applies to PACE leadership to take immediate measures to bring Acting Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin to responsibility
 Wednesday, July 31 2013 07:31

Zaruhi Postanjyan, member of the PACE Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination, has applied to the PACE leadership to take immediate measures to bring Acting Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin to responsibility for extension of xenophobia and racism and to start investigating the fact of denigration of Hrachya Harutyunyan's honor and dignity by the legal structures and representatives of medical institutions, who had invested Harutyunyan with a housecoat before taking him to the court. 

Rumors about Mark Saghatelyan's death have nothing to do with reality
 Tuesday, July 30 2013 14:55

The rumors about the well-known Armenian showman Mark Saghatelyan's death have nothing to do with the reality.  

Air Armenia to launch passenger flights to Russia in August 2013
 Tuesday, July 30 2013 14:49

 In August 2013 Air Armenia CJSC will make its first regular Yerevan-Moscow-Yerevan passenger flight, Air Armenia CEO Arsen Avetisyan told ArmInfo. 

Despite rumors, Arzni Group continues its production activities
 Tuesday, July 30 2013 14:34

Despite the media reports that the business of Armenian entrepreneur, Arzni Group owner Gevorg Afandyan is stagnating, Arzni Group continues its production activities and has reduced its output to a small extent only. Alik Khachikyan, Chief Financial Officer at Arzni Group, has told ArmInfo that Arzni Group (Byurakn LLC) keeps on producing mineral water under the AYG brand, as well as the PAPA CARLO lemonade. The company's output has dropped by 5% over year. Khachikyan has not specified the financial indices of the company.  

STAR trade chain to shortly launch bankruptcy procedure
 Tuesday, July 30 2013 14:33

STAR trade chain will shortly launch the bankruptcy procedure by legal means. ArmInfo has been told by reliable sources working with the trade chain that the restructuring of STAR, which was a large trade chain once, has been completed and is restricted to division of the chain into separate food stores.    

In mid Sept 2013 a tender to be announced for three Armenian air carriers of Armenia
 Tuesday, July 30 2013 13:18

In mid Sept 2013 the General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia will announce a tender for three Armenian air carriers, Nelly Cherchinyan, Spokesperson of the Department, told ArmInfo's correspondent. 

Oppositionist: Status and authorities of the commission being set up in Yerevan mayor's office need to be clarified
 Tuesday, July 30 2013 13:15

Status and authorities of the commission being set up in Yerevan mayor's office, that should deal with transport problems, need to be clarified, an opposition member of the Yerevan Council of Elders, Stepan Safaryan, said at today's press-conference. 

Ombudsman: With the approval of Derenik Dumanyan, physicians go on taking extra payments from parents in medical providers
 Tuesday, July 30 2013 11:25

With the approval of Armenia's Healthcare Ministry, physicians go on taking extra payments from parents in medical providers for examining and treatment of children, press-service of Ombudsman's office reported. 

Diplomatic source: Russian president's visit to Armenia is scheduled at the end of September - beginning of October 2013
 Tuesday, July 30 2013 11:23

 According to the preliminary data, Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Armenia is scheduled at the end of September - beginning of October 2013, a diplomatic source from Russia told Arminfo. 

Mayor's office involves road police against activists of the movement "We pay 100 drams"
 Tuesday, July 30 2013 09:08

 On the night of the 29th/30th July Yerevan Mayor's office involved road police against activists of the movement "We pay 100 drams", an activist, Gor Arakelyan, told Arminfo correspondent. 

Passage by commuter trains of CJSC "South Caucasus Railway" to be free of charge on 4 August in Armenia
 Tuesday, July 30 2013 08:18

On the threshold of the Railman Day, CJSC "South Caucasus Railway" (SCR) has announced about holding of a large-scale action. 

Armavia suspends bankruptcy procedure
 Monday, July 29 2013 18:24

 Armavia national air carrier of Armenia has suspended the bankruptcy procedure and started paying its debts to the lenders, the company's press service reports.    
The source says that the debts to both the employees and the lenders are gradually being redeemed. The debts to some banks have already been repaid. The company does not specify the total amount of the debts and the repayment schedule. The company does not report whether Armavia is going to return to the air service market after repaying all its debts and to participate in the tenders. Armavia launched the bankruptcy procedure on 1 April 2013 and stopped its flights.   


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